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Guests Receive 1-Day Park Ticket for Bad Weather at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Merry Christmas from KennythePirate and the writing crew

Have you ever paid extra for a special event at Disney, and the rain completely ruined all the fun? It is bound to happen – the weather is unpredictable! So, how does Disney compensate for this?

Surely, they aren’t required to do anything. Every special ticket I have purchased has had the disclaimer that these tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

You can wait of course to purchase the ticket the day of the event, but that’s also a gamble because there is the chance that the event will sell out. We have seen many Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties sell out this year.

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Last night, December 17, was one of these instances when bad weather really put a damper on the evening. It down poured for a portion of the evening, and the first parade was canceled. The second parade and fireworks show still happened, according to several KtP Crew Members.

According to a few Kenny the Pirate Crew members in the group, Disney handed out information to party-goers that read:

“We apologize for the inconvenience this evening. Your event ticket(s) have automatically been converted to provide 1-day access to the Walt Disney World Theme Park of your choice.

*One (1) year expiration. Not valid for Park Hopping. Valid during normal operating hours.

If you would like to exchange your event ticket(s) for a future Walt Disney World special event within the current calendar year, please call 407-939-7818 between the hours of 7:00 am-11:00 pm.

**Ticket(s) subject to availability, some events are excluded.

Please keep your ticket(s) for tonight’s event available for redeeming one of the options above.

Admission entitlements and tickets are not transferable. Disney is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Operating hours are subject to change without notice. This card is for informational purposes only and is not valid for admission to any Theme Park.”

Photo Credit: Kelsey, member of Kenny the Pirate Crew: A Disney planning group

So you are given one day of theme park admission or you can convert it to a ticket for another special event.

The same Crew member updated her post to say the Cast Member she spoke to on the phone completely refunded the price of her Christmas party tickets.

This is also why I am so appreciative of our KtP Crew group! I love that we all share information to help other Crew members out with our Disney vacations. If you haven’t joined the group yet, feel free! And thank you to the members who posted about last night’s party!

So for anyone who has attended a Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (or any special event recently) that got rained out, you may want to call to see what your options are. It’s my understanding if the parade and fireworks aren’t canceled, you likely won’t get compensation.

Last year, I attended an After Hours event at Magic Kingdom, and the downpour kept the major coasters down for almost the entire evening. We never rode Space Mountain and only rode 7DMT once (and we got stuck on it).

I kept meaning to talk to someone on the way out, and when I didn’t I told myself I would call before our trip was over, and then I never did. I wish I would have because it put a damper on our evening. But, I also understand the tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable so I just chalked it up as a loss.

What do you think about Disney compensating guests for bad weather? Do you think it’s reasonable or do you wish they were more consistent?

-Monica S.


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  1. We went to the party on 11/8, it rained 90% of the time we were there and at times so hard the puddles were over your shoes. The second parade and fireworks were cancelled. We called today and they said it was at the discretion of the manager of the day and they weren’t offering refunds for that day. There is nothing consistent about Disney customer service.

    • I have checked my MDE, and don’t show any type of 1 day ticket replacement for the 1st party. Based on information from the 12th it says it will automatically show on your account. They must not be doing anything for the November 8 party, because I don’t have ticket to use for another time. I sure wish they would, because it was also miserable!

  2. It never rain in Southern Calif and for the Halloween Party is ‘lightly did’ and they cancelled the parades and fireworks….a ticket would have been nice.

  3. It poured at 2 of the MNSSHP I was at. They had to cancel the parade altogether at one of the parties. Never heard of(or even thought of) getting a refund because of weather. I’m assuming they just started this?

  4. I wonder if they will compensate for the 12th, it was a super soggy night and they did cancel shows and the first parade. Do you know if they canceled the 2nd one?? Or the fireworks?

    • The fireworks went off as scheduled, and the 2nd parade had the full experience. I watched from Frontierland and don’t know if it “snowed” on Main St. It was a miserable, crowded night, very disappointing. If some guests were offered compensation, all should have. There was a very long line for Guest Services after the 2nd parade.

      • We were there on the 12th. Based on another post I saw about a different event getting rained out and receiving compensation I called Disney services and they said that all tickets are automatically converted to a one day Base ticket. You can’t actually see it on your account and they say you have to show up at the gate and they will still let you in which seems kind of sketchy to me but she assured me that they see it and that the ticket is there.

    • A friend and myself was there in the 12th also. He left about 730pm because of the rain. How do we contact Disney about a refund??

    • How do you get the refund? I didn’t even think to ask for a refund I just asked about the ticket being replaced with the 1-day base?

  5. Do you know if the parades ran on December 12th? We went into Laugh Floor after the first parade was announced to be delayed, then left before the second parade would have started because it was too tough with an infant in the rain. :(

    • We were at that party also! They did cancel the first parade, just had the main characters drive down the route in cars. Also, canceled the stage show. We didn’t stay to see if they did anything else, it was pouring!! We were all soaked and so disappointed, never dreamed they might do a refund or an exchange!!

  6. I know that it says non-refundable but I think that is BS . If it rains, the entire point of the party is pretty much gone unless you’re ok with paying 100 bucks for some cookies. I really wish they would give some kind of compensation if rides are closed/parades are cancelled for all of these parties.

  7. For most a ticket for another day is not worth anything because people have already purchased days for their length of stay so an additional ticket isn’t helpful. I understand how the guest feels though. These events are outrageously priced now. Maybe give the guest an option to get a refund before the event if rain is expected or give a partial refund if they went?

  8. I went to the very first party and it poured, was cold, first parade was adjusted for the weather, second parade was rainy day cavalcade, and no snow on Main St. it totally stunk and it was the first time going for one of my guests. No refund then. So disappointing. Not that I expected one but why would they do it for some parties and not the others.

    • We were there on the 1st party also. It was our first ever MVMCP, and I was was so sad that the 2nd parade was canceled. We did not see the 1st parade, and that was what I wanted to see the most. We had heard the 2nd parade was less crowded, so we waited, and did not get to see anything. What I was most disappointed about was that they did not give any type of advance notice that it was canceled. They just said it right when the parade was about to start. We absolutely did not expect a refund, because we knew things could happen. I am a little shocked that they would do this for one group and not for others.

      • I was there also for the 1st party. I’m calling tomorrow to see what can be done. That party was a huge disappointment and waste of money.

    • I was there on the 12th too. We saw the first “parade” after sitting/waiting around for 3 hours in the miserable rain. We were so sad as this was our first experience of the Christmas party. I know it is Florida and I read the fine print….but it still stinks to have spent all that money. I wanted to stay longer but my kids had enough. We had ponchos on but we still got soaked. Did they only have the 1 parade or do the fireworks later that night?

What do you think?

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