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New My Disney Experience Update Makes Changing Fastpasses More Difficult

New My Disney Experience Update Makes Changing Fastpasses More Difficult
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Readers may have noticed some new features this morning on My Disney Experience! Some of the new features are great, like the ability to decline Mousekeeping directly from the app rather than at the front desk. But the changes to the Fastpass+ interface on My Disney Experience will make changing your selections more challenging.

Previously, a guest could search for other attraction selections when modifying a Fastpass+ on the app. The modify option would show users both the other times the attraction is available AND other attractions that are available.

For instance, you have a Soarin’ Fastpass for 1:05 p.m. and you’d like to choose either a new time or new experience. Before, you could easily see both options. Until this morning, it would show you other possible times for Soarin’ and below that it would show other available Fastpasses and those times.  This is no longer the case.

When I go to modify an existing Fastpass+ option, there is only the option to “change” it. Under the name of the ride, I can choose to change the attraction. OR, next to the time of the Fastpass, I can choose to change the time.

Note the two different options for “change” have replaced the single option to modify.

When I select “Change” next to my Fastpass time, I’m only given other possible times for the same attraction.

I am only given the option to change my Peter Pan Fastpass to a different time. If I want to choose a different attraction, I have to revert to the previous screen.
This is what I see when I click the word change next to the picture and title of my current fastpass selection.

Additionally, it will give you a warning message that a ride is out of Fastpasses, but you can click back, then search again until another time appears.  This is a great deal more work to find a good Fastpass time slot.

This will definitely impact those of us who like to make modifications to our Fastpasses and are looking for different attractions as well as different times. I will miss the feeling of seeing a coveted ride is now available when I go into “modify.”

It appears that rather than keeping the Fastpass system app-based, they have changed it to being web-based. This explains why they have replaced a modify button with 2 separate links to change the attraction or the time of the currently selected attraction.

It also may affect how your screen displays the above options. Photos above were taken from my iPhone in order to show an example of how the change affects app users.

Ask questions here, and we can help you navigate this new change!

-Rebecca W Davis


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  1. Seems easier, if I want a different ride i can hit change and select, but if i’m looking for a diff time i can hit that change and swlwct a diff time. Seems just as easy

  2. Ugh that sucks. More difficult to modify, and I agree , I might want to switch attractions if I see something better if I go to change my ride time.

  3. And you’ll only see this new version if you update the app. I wish I could “un-update” the app! And I agree, it was much nicer to see if all on one page. Who knows, maybe it will revert to the original version at some point.

  4. Angi, she’s just stating that it’s not as easy to change. Before if you went in to modify it would give you a list of all available times for rides with your ride chosen at the top. If it was a difficult FP to get like SDMT/BTM/SM then it would list the only times available for that particular ride and also the other rides available at that time. Just another BS move to make things a little more difficult. Not sure why I’m worried about it though I had a horrible time even getting the app to work correctly the last 2 trips I took.

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