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A New Thanksgiving and Christmas Menu Added

A New Thanksgiving and Christmas Menu Added
Credit: Disney

Looking for a great holiday meal for your family?  Another Disney restaurant just released its seasonal menu!

Several restaurants have released festive menus for the upcoming holiday season.  Today, Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant in Disney Springs joins the list!

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As a return offering, Raglan Road will be offering special menu items from November 28th- December 25, 2019.  Offerings include a butter and herb-roasted turkey breast served with roasted garlic mash, duck fat roasties, honey-glazed carrots, bacon-braised brussels sprouts, sausage meat and walnut stuffing, red wine jus, and cranberry sauce.  If you are ready to deck the halls with this delectable meal, the cost is $28.95/adults.  A half portion is available for kids at $14.00/child.

Do you plan to grab a reservation at Raglan Road to check out this festive meal?

-Jaelyn Winkle


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