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Live Photopass Photographers return to the Mickey Mouse meet in the Magic Kingdom

Live Photopass Photographers return to the Mickey Mouse meet in the Magic Kingdom

On the day that Mickey Mouse returned to meeting in his magician costume and Minnie returned to Storybook Circus, Photopass photographers have returned to the Mickey Mouse meet!

Disney World fans and those who purchased Memory Maker were outraged by the introduction of the “camera in a box” approach that led to some pretty horrible photos.  Fans even created an online petition that has reached over 90,000 signatures to get real, live photographers back into the inside character meets.

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Memories matter, so guests want those moments that they planned for months to be perfect and they want a human to take those special photos.  The box cameras were capturing off centered photos, photos of people’s backs, overly wide or overly close up photos.

Back in 2012, my son spontaneously “proposed” to Minnie Mouse.  I wasn’t expecting the interaction and didn’t get the photo, but the Photopass photographer captured this absolute perfect memory!

Magic Kingdom 2012

There’s no word on live Photopass photographers returning to the other inside meets that have been overtaken by a box on the wall yet.

Having a live photographer is the way Disney should do things, in my opinion.  Guests are paying a premium to have those special memories captured and want the best images possible for that additional cost.

What are your thoughts?



  1. Live photographers are the only option in my opinion. Box cameras are fine for photos on rides but unacceptable for live interactions that require a human who can move around and read the situation.

  2. Yay!!! FINALLY, some great news! I’m so happy to hear this and I HOPE that they follow suit with getting rid of the boxes at ALL character meets! It’s impossible for a box to capture those perfect shots!

  3. We were there on Sept 25, and the box was “broken”. They had a live photographer that day who took some beautiful pictures and captured some great memories. I was thinking either Mickey got the message or a guest went postal.
    Either way… Thank you Mickey.

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