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Disney World increases pricing on various snacks

Disney World increases pricing on various snacks

It’s October 1, that means it’s time for new budgets and time for price increases!  Various snacks and drink prices have increased.  Here’s the details.

Snacks, drinks, pretzels, and even alcoholic beverages have increased in cost today.    Here’s a few examples of prices that have been increased today.

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  • Popcorn increased 30 cents to $4.99
  • Pretzels increased 20 cents to $6.79
  • Churros increased 30 cents to $6.19
  • A Mickey Ice Cream bar increased 30 cents to $5.69
  • Bud Light increased 25 cents to $8.25
  • Resort refillable mugs increased $1 to $19.99

These sort of increases are common for Walt Disney World and usually occur this time of the year.  We should expect a great deal of pricing adjustments for snacks and meals over the next couple of weeks.




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  1. I think more price increases are ridiculous. They just made a lot of cuts in the entertainment! I guess they figure we wouldn’t notice a little hike? Really? Someone’s got to pay for that new Star Wars area, right? And speaking of that, why are they always years behind when something just came out & is super popular? Please Disney, try doing things around the original cartoon characters! Now that was magical.

  2. Oh, please, Disney. I really want to spend more than the $5000 I’m looking at. Thanks so much for raising prices on something else!

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