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Disney World eliminates outside vendor drop off services

Disney World eliminates outside vendor drop off services

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Soon, Walt Disney World resorts will no longer allow companies to deliver and drop off strollers, wheelchairs and scooters with their bell services desks..  That includes companies like stroller rentals and other mobility service companies.  Here’s the details.

EDIT:  These new rules affect outside vendors with mobility services.  Owners Locker has confirmed that they CAN still deliver to resort bell services at this time.

Beginning October 1, 2019, guests who have not already reserved a stroller rental drop off will be required to meet a representative of a mobility delivery service IN PERSON at the resort.  This new change will affect other outside vendors providing mobility as well.

If you have already arranged for delivery of a stroller or mobility service during the month of October, you’ll still be allowed to pick up your goods from bell services.  If you have not pre-arranged for this pickup at this time, you’ll need to use this new face-to-face delivery option.

You’ll be allowed to choose the meet up time with the representative and even be able to adjust that time, if necessary.

The changes currently ONLY affect the Disney owned resorts and don’t affect Disney Springs, Shades of Green, Hilton Bonnet Creek, Four Seasons and Swan and Dolphin resorts.

You may wish to contact other outside vendors to learn what their processes will be.

What do you think about Disney World eliminating outside vendor drop off services?

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Henry Herber

Sunday 29th of September 2019

Florida/Minimum wage 8.46 USD per hour Jan 1, 2019

Eliminate the tips and pay them the minimum! Sounds like a stupid union decision!


Saturday 28th of September 2019

This past trip I rented a wheelchair fom a non-Disney vendor for my DD who got out of a cast the day before we arrived. It was easy to meet them at pick up and drop off. The thing was, they wouldn't hold the chair for me with our luggage on the last day when we didn't need it and had checked out of our room. We took it to the park, but what about oxygen concentrators? Between check out of room and meeting the vendor for pick up?


Sunday 29th of September 2019

The more I think about it, the more I realize this is a good thing, instead of Disney essentially endorsing a few companies, it puts them all back on equal footing.

Additionally, it should mean that each guest will be instructed on how tomopersre the equient and have it adjusted for them, which will result in better safety for all guests and fewer accidents. I know that one particular company who has always met in person has had ZERO accidents involving their equipment. Oh, and that company has always met you on your schedule, not theirs and provides a lotmof free accessories and a very low price with equipment that isn't older than 6 months.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

Disney has been making mistake after mistake this past year alone. This is a big one removing comfort and convenience to their guest also big savings. Thoughs handicapped need these services to enjoy their park and simply can not afford the expensive scooters disney offers. They’re wondering why the parks have a low attendance and this is only going to make it worse. In 10 to 20 years at this rate their parks will be closing.


Monday 30th of September 2019

You can still rent from an outside vender, the only difference is you need to meet the vendor for drop off/pick up. Disney isn't denying you the right to have a device that is medically needed.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

I allways have a scooter delivered and an oxygen concentrator. Will this be an issue for the concentrator as we? l


Saturday 28th of September 2019

Contact your vendor


Saturday 28th of September 2019

While I understand the gist of the change, I don’t agree with it. It’s just one more thing in a long line of things that are taking away from the guest experience. I feel Disney charges sooooo much money these days that they should be adding services not taking them away.


Sunday 29th of September 2019



Saturday 28th of September 2019

During our last Disney vacation we stayed off site at a very nice hotel with free overnight parking, free breakfast and a room double the size of the one we usually have at a Disney Resort. And all this for half the price that we usually pay at Walt Disney World...

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