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Disney World eliminates outside vendor drop off services

Disney World eliminates outside vendor drop off services

Soon, Walt Disney World resorts will no longer allow companies to deliver and drop off strollers, wheelchairs and scooters with their bell services desks..  That includes companies like stroller rentals and other mobility service companies.  Here’s the details.

EDIT:  These new rules affect outside vendors with mobility services.  Owners Locker has confirmed that they CAN still deliver to resort bell services at this time.

Beginning October 1, 2019, guests who have not already reserved a stroller rental drop off will be required to meet a representative of a mobility delivery service IN PERSON at the resort.  This new change will affect other outside vendors providing mobility as well.

If you have already arranged for delivery of a stroller or mobility service during the month of October, you’ll still be allowed to pick up your goods from bell services.  If you have not pre-arranged for this pickup at this time, you’ll need to use this new face-to-face delivery option.

You’ll be allowed to choose the meet up time with the representative and even be able to adjust that time, if necessary.

The changes currently ONLY affect the Disney owned resorts and don’t affect Disney Springs, Shades of Green, Hilton Bonnet Creek, Four Seasons and Swan and Dolphin resorts.

You may wish to contact other outside vendors to learn what their processes will be.

What do you think about Disney World eliminating outside vendor drop off services?

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  1. Florida/Minimum wage
    8.46 USD per hour
    Jan 1, 2019

    Eliminate the tips and pay them the minimum! Sounds like a stupid union decision!

  2. This past trip I rented a wheelchair fom a non-Disney vendor for my DD who got out of a cast the day before we arrived. It was easy to meet them at pick up and drop off. The thing was, they wouldn’t hold the chair for me with our luggage on the last day when we didn’t need it and had checked out of our room. We took it to the park, but what about oxygen concentrators? Between check out of room and meeting the vendor for pick up?

    • The more I think about it, the more I realize this is a good thing, instead of Disney essentially endorsing a few companies, it puts them all back on equal footing.

      Additionally, it should mean that each guest will be instructed on how tomopersre the equient and have it adjusted for them, which will result in better safety for all guests and fewer accidents. I know that one particular company who has always met in person has had ZERO accidents involving their equipment. Oh, and that company has always met you on your schedule, not theirs and provides a lotmof free accessories and a very low price with equipment that isn’t older than 6 months.

      • So can you say what company this is? Are you talking scooters or strollers? I had a bad experience with Apple Scooters last time and need to find a good company to rent a scooter for our next trip. Please and thank you!

  3. Disney has been making mistake after mistake this past year alone. This is a big one removing comfort and convenience to their guest also big savings. Thoughs handicapped need these services to enjoy their park and simply can not afford the expensive scooters disney offers. They’re wondering why the parks have a low attendance and this is only going to make it worse. In 10 to 20 years at this rate their parks will be closing.

    • You can still rent from an outside vender, the only difference is you need to meet the vendor for drop off/pick up. Disney isn’t denying you the right to have a device that is medically needed.

      • True, but especially at arrival time, it isn’t always easy to determine a specific time for pickup. There can be flight delays, traffic delays, etc. I use a scooter but I do have some limited mobility and lung issues that give me problems walking long distances. Others may not be as well off and may be less mobile than me. There are also those that require oxygen and other medical devices and may need them ASAP upon arrival. I’m sure most vendors will do their best to provide what is necessary; however, this could cause some possible medical issues as well as cause those people to miss precious park time. Also, if someone has an early morning flight, how willing is a vendor going to meet up with someone if they have to depart on the Magical Express three hours prior to an early flight? Last year we had to be in the lobby ready to meet the bus at 4:00am for a 7:00am flight back home! Granted, it could be turned in the night before but you run into the same problem. Our last night last year was a Christmas party. We didn’t get back to the hotel until after 1:00am. The earliest they would have been able to pick up would have been close to 2:00am. Then the handicapped person would have to walk with baggage from their room to the lobby to leave. For those less than mobile than me, this can present problems. I kind of understand it from the resort’s perspective but I do believe this is going to cause problems for many. It is certainly a lack of convenience for handicapped guests.

  4. While I understand the gist of the change, I don’t agree with it. It’s just one more thing in a long line of things that are taking away from the guest experience. I feel Disney charges sooooo much money these days that they should be adding services not taking them away.

  5. As a former bellmen of 3 plus years. Here is my view. Many of you are talking about the convience of drop off with the bellmen. Do you realize the bellmen only make $5.55 per hour. In the 3 years I worked there only 2 times I was tipped by a scooter pick up guest. Each time was $1. Why do guest think that these services are free? I imagine that a lot of this is coming from the hospitality Union and rightfully so. You are spending thousands of dollars for a magical vacation but yet refuse to reward the cast members that give this experience to you.

      • I tip when having my luggage taken up or down from the villa- usually $10 to $20 depending on how much stuff we have for the two of us. I’ve always looked at bell services as being a commission position and probably a pretty good annual wage based on tips alone, without considering hourly pay. What would the pay rate be WITH tips included on average?

      • I never knew that Disney paid so little to you. I’ve rented a mobility scooter from an outside vendor and picked it up at check in. I figured the companies paid Disney a certain amount of money to be able to drop off and pick up their scooters.

    • Eulis Head WTF? I knew the wages were low but not that low.I work in hospitality in Australia and I get like 27 dollars an hour. If I were you I would get everyone employed by Disney to strike. Madness

    • That is absolutely shocking about the wages. However, I am from the UK and we have no idea what your wages are in the US. It is also not an expectation to tip in the UK. We would not tip hotel staff or bell staff for handing over a stroller here. In the UK we only tip for service above and beyond expectation. It doesn’t happen very often! As a UK guest Disney should be paying you more but not everyone knows to tip. I tip restaurants in the states only if I have good service. You are receiving guests from all over the world you have to make allowances for people that just culturally different and don’t know any better.

      Personally I think the pay in the US is shocking. I don’t know how you guys survive. It certainly shouldn’t be from relying on tips!

      • Disney puts a tipping rate at the bottom of your receipt at restaurants letting people know. They also explicitly state tips are not included-including for the dining plan. I understand people from other countries may have a different way of thinking but have you ever travelled to the Caribbean or taken a cruise? That’s all you do is tip. It’s not just the US. Unfortunately this is how things are in the US. And if Disney did pay their employees more money that $5k trip will be either double or triple the cost. I suggest you do some research before taking a trip to other countries.

      • Lola I never said I didn’t tip. I am well travelled and always tip however I do think the whole of the states expects tips too much. I will never too for bad service. I only ever tip for good service. Is all bellhops are doing is handing a stroller over a desk then no I wouldn’t tip. That after all is their job. However if the brought the stroller to me or went out of their way to accommodate or help our family then of course I tip normally $10-15. The way America pays their staff is shocking. I dont know about you, however to have a Disney holiday staying onsite costs my family the best part of £10,000 so about $11,000. That is no small amount of money for a two week holiday. I don’t expect to have to tip every person I meet. However restaurants yes. I’m aware of the expected amount on the bottom of the bill. People from the UK wouldn’t automatically assume to pay a bellhop sorry, no amount of research you let you know that. Same with housekeeping. I do tip because I have American friends that informed us so. However you would not tip housekeeping in the UK especially at a Deluxe or Moderate hotel.

      • Unfortunately that is how the US is. The bottom line is bell services in the past has been expected to sign for equipment such as strollers and scooters that cost more than what they make in a week of working. Then they store it watch over it and turn it over to you and make sure they are giving it to the right person. It might not sound like a lot to you, but someone watching over my luggage or other various “sundries” will get a tip from me. You say you are well travelled but yet don’t know to tip? The going rate in Jamaica is you give a few bucks to each person who touches your luggage-let me repeat. Just touches your luggage. That’s standard and that is all over the Caribbean. People will actually wait with their hand out for a tip. Just because disney employees don’t do that means they don’t deserve a tip? It seems you only tip for good service and not bad service which I get but at Disney I have never experienced a time where the waitress or waiter didn’t deserve a tip- meaning at least the 15% price point. Waiters and waitresses have to use those tips to pay out the hostess and “busser” and bartender. So when we don’t tip that waitress Loses money. Which means they then have to dip into their own pocket. So your lunch has now cost your waitress money. It’s just something to think about. If you have service that is so poor where you don’t think the person deserves a tip you should really talk to management. As a side note many Americans would love to see the tipping culture changed but it hasn’t…

      • Im not saying I do not agree with you. Perhaps we have different views on luggage storage. My luggage is always with me. I also do tip when it is needed. However if a meal is standard I will tip the normal amount. But if service is absolutely awful I will ask to speak to management and not tip. In the UK many staff members are not allowed to take tips for hotel services. It’s just different. I have only been around the Caribbean on a British ship. Tipping is not standard and not expected. It is reiterated that your tips are included in the price of your holiday. The only people we tip in this instance is our housekeeping staff as they are fabulous and out own waiter. However they are going to be stopping that too soon. No gratuities are asked or expected. The cruise line we use are trying to get away from the tipping/gratuities.

        I’m not saying it’s right and definitely not saying people shouldn’t tip because clearly it in industry standard and as a guest in your country we should all adhere to your customs however my point still stands people are just not aware. People aren’t necessarily being arrogant and rude they may just not realise

    • We always tip bellman well when they deliver or drop off our luggage to our room , but I never considered tipping for someone driving my scooter 50 feet out of back room to me outside bell station . Disney is rolling in profits an honest wage for a days work , your union should negotiate for a living wage . Every 6 months disney has a price increase for something ! I dont consider myself cheap my family works in food service but if i had to tip every single person i encounter i couldnt do it

    • Your being paid a fair price based on industry standards for your job. Get another job. You’ll feel more appreciated. People’s opinions of Disney Cast Members is quite simple. Most think your getting well paid already by Disney and don’t know the nature of the job. Also get a transfer. Disney is very accommodating to it’s workers that way.

  6. I Rented a scooter for my stay in August. I had to meet the delivery person since it was a different company. It was very easy. I picked the delivery time and pick up time. I found it very convenient. They have strollers as well.

    • Scooters should be banned from Disney unless you’re handicapped!! Nowhere else in America do walking adults need scooters to get around! If you can’t make it around Magic Kingdom then stay home!

      • Danny, you are most likely a troll. But I’ll be polite- you don’t know what you are talking about. Many people who can walk, with a cane for example, in their normal every day life can’t walk enough to do the distances required in the parks. Do you really believe they should stay home because they need scooters to enjoy the park with their family? Many grandparents are in this category.

      • Dear Danny,
        I have MS and can usually walk fine, but fatigue easily and get drop foot. I guess with your way of thinking I should never enjoy a vacation at Disney with my family again.
        I purposely do not get scooters because of people like you. Instead I have to rely on my family to push me in a wheelchair all day.
        I will be kind and not wish a debilitating disease happen to your your loved ones. Don’t be a jerk, Danny.

      • Not everyone on a scooter has a visible injury, or is permanently handicapped where they get a card or sticker they can show. I broke my foot and was in a walking boot with crutches. The scooter allowed me to get to and from all areas of the park. People on scooter are far less rude than the people who cut in front of them, run into them while texting, reading a map, looking at the sky, or backwards. We know we are taking up more room on the sidewalk than just a body would. We dont want to be on them anymore than small minded selfish people like you want us to be.

      • Thank you, Emma! You stated that well! My handicap isn’t obvious but I need the scooter to get myself around the parks. I have mobility and lung issues. I can walk short distances but standing in one place kills me. Also, normal walking is fine but one day in the park equals miles! That’s too much. I have had people cut me off more than once. One lady yelled at me last time that I almost ran over her foot. But she cut me off and I was barely able to stop in time! Not my fault. I am self-conscious using a scooter and have endured rude remarks and stares from people. I’m just trying to enjoy a vacation with my daughter. That’s all I want.

      • I guess Disney doesn’t want handicapped people at their resorts. You can’t take the scooters out if the parks, what are we going to do at the resorts and Disney Springs? Not go I guess unless you are able to bring your scooter from home. Bad move Disney.

  7. Honestly, I think this sucks. Hopefully we will still be able to have a case of water delivered because we go through a lot. What I’m worried about are the ECV’s. I’m handicapped and need to use a scooter in the park. I had an issue last November with Apple Scooters when they lost my reservation (even though I had the number on me). I was told it would be 3-4 HOURS before they could get one to me! So as not to waste precious time in the park, my daughter and I went ahead to Hollywood Studios. It would only be for half the day and I thought I could make it. Well, I thought wrong and fell that evening. So I was in pain the entire trip and ended up in the ER a couple of days later to be checked for a blood clot. I have arthritis, sciatica and a pinched nerve that causes my left side to go numb when standing in one place for too long and I’m at risk of falling. It will be a pain not to have the scooter waiting for me when I get there and having to wait for a pickup prior to leaving the hotel! Not Disney-friendly for the disabled/handicapped!

  8. Really makes no sense. There aren’t a lot that are dropped off everyday. They sit in an out of the way area. The Cast Member doesn’t do anything with them. Names are on the rentals and you just go and pick it up.

  9. Please update your title. This is at this point a huge CLICK BAIT and I expect better from you. I spoke with DVC and with John at Owner’s Locker and it is a change in their MOBILITY policy only. There is NO CHANGE with outside vendors for anything else. Honestly I saw outside vendor’s mobility devices or strollers OUTSIDE of rooms for an entire night along with stuff inside and then it rains during the night and stuff is completely soaked in the morning and then complain that there is not enough room inside of their unit. That is irresponsible. By having people to wait for their mobility items from outside vendors, I think We will see a lot less issues. People may also think twice before renting one if they don’t really need it, while people who actually need it will wait a little – with a 6 hours window I don’t see how bad this is.

  10. I’m surprised Disney hasn’t already started their own mobility company servicing their resorts & not just the parks. I know it’s probably a hassle for them to deal with all the scooters & strollers for guest that are checking in & out from outside vendors. If they had their own at each resort they could rent both out weekly or daily & profit. I’m surprised they haven’t already done this.

  11. I guess I understand why, but I am disappointed. It was so convenient knowing that I could have my stroller delivered and I can pick it up as soon as I arrived! I’m wondering if food delivery will be impacted as well?

  12. makes sense
    Disney employees are hired and paid for by Disney. I can only imagine how much time they spend working for other companies dropping things off and holding up whst they are paid to do. take care of luggage for resort and arrival and departing guest. If a guest chooses to use outside party to save money than recieve your choice .

  13. I wad under the impression that Buena vista was the only vendor that could fo bell services for scooters. Our trips this past year had to be coordinated to meet reps from the mobility company directly.

  14. This is super disappointing. We haven’t been to WDW since 2017, but for ten trips we’ve always used Kingdom Strollers and also Garden Grocer and it made our trip SO MUCH EASIER.

      • I work with bell services at WDW. All these outside deliveries take up a lot of room in our luggage room we just so not have. It probably is also a safety issue.

      • I totally agree!! WDW shouldn’t have to field a whole bunch of Amazon packages. We plan to have a stroller and grocery order delivered while we’re there but we always planned on meeting the delivery person, just like we would at home. I understand it is harder with the mobility/scooter deliveries but I see why the policy is in place for packages and such. Disney should not have to be liable. Now if only they’d bring back free parking….

  15. They are going to deliver 6 x a day, don’t really see an issue here. To be honest why should Disney be responsible for holding rentals from competitors? If I want to pay a significantly lower amount for stroller rental the. I’d except to have a little commitment on my part to use the service.

    • It’s called convenience. Because Disney Corporate doesn’t have a clue what a disabled person deals with. Their policy toward wheelchair and scooter delivery is obscene and proof, yet again, that they only care about the dollars in their pockets.

      • Amen!!! I have already ordered my ECV for delivery on 11-1. I plan to use a wheelchair in the airports, then to the Magical Express, then get off the bus at our resort and get on my ECV. Our flight arrives late evening. Will my vendor be willing to meet us late with my ECV? And I tip very well.

  16. I think WDW better stack up on some strollers. If they don’t allow (or make it easier) for people to get them outside then don’t have them to rent I can see some

  17. OMG, really? I can’t imagine the traffic jams of people lining up to get their stollers and/or scooters so many times each day. For those of us who need the scooter, standing in line is most likely an issue to start with. Disney is normally very handicap friendly, including valet parking services. This, however, is definitely not friendly to those who aren’t able bodied. I’m disappointed.

  18. On a trip in July, I tried to meet an outside vendor in person, called them to give them my room number, and they still insisted on going to Bell Services. Hopefully all outside vendors get on the same page if this is to work.

  19. Oh no! Believe it or not, I just rented a stroller today for our stay in November. Will we not be able to pick it up at Bell Services? I know it says October, but is that stays through October, or it has be be rented before October? I have no problem contacting the service, but just want to make sure I understand.

  20. Just want to make sure I understand…as long as I book one before October 1st (for a March 2020 trip) I can still pick up a stroller from bell services and not need to meet them face to face, correct?

  21. In the video he doesn’t say only deliveries in the month of October were exempt–he said any deliveries which were reserved PRIOR TO OCTOBER 1 would be exempt. Could you clarify which it is? If I have already made a reservation today for November and January which policy will apply?

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