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Experiencing Extra Extra Magic Hours at Walt Disney World is a Must

Hollywood Studios Updates Operating Hours for February!

My family and I just experienced first hand, extra EXTRA magic hours. This Disney perk was a great way to get the most out of the parks. Starting back on August 29th 2019 and lasting til November 2, 2019, as a Disney Resort Guest you can enjoy extra EXTRA magic hours which gives you plenty of time to enjoy your favorite parks. Each day, three Disney parks will have these extra hours available. Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom open at 7am-8am for the extra hours while Hollywood Studios opens early from 6am-9am!

Let me start by saying we stayed at Disney’s All-Star Movies resort, so bus times/travel times may vary depending on where you are vacationing.

Day 1: The Magic Kingdom

We were in line at the bus stop at All-Star Movies at 6:25am. The bus arrived around 6:35am and we were on our way. We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 6:50. There was no line for security or scanning of our magicbands. There were cast members lined up with tablets to ensure that you were in fact staying at a Disney resort prior to entering the park, which was refreshing.  Once in Magic Kingdom, we walked right over to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and WALKED ON!!! I repeat…WALKED ON! Fantasyland was not busy at all as well, we could walk around freely and did not have to wait for anything. This experienced provided us a magical start to our Disney day.

Sidenote: Extra Extra magic hours was only open for Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom when we went. Since this time, you can now experience your favorite attractions in Tomorrowland as well, according to the official Walt Disney World website. Once we finished, we walked onto Winnie the Pooh, Tea Cups, Barnstormer, Dumbo, Ariel and Small World. We could have done peter pan, but it is not my favorite. We ate at Gaston’s and then proceeded to Frontier Land, where the waits were minimal as well beginning at 8:30am.

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Day 2: Hollywood Studios.

We were in line for the bus at All-Star Movies 5:50am. We arrived around 6:05am and headed straight to Toy Story Land. We waited for 20 minutes before getting to ride Slinky Dog and then walked on Alien Swirling Saucers and Toy Story Mania.

Sidenote: If meeting Woody, Bo-Peep and Buzz are important, I would get in line when they meet at 7am. The line gets extremely long.

When we arrived at Star Wars around 7:45am, the wait for Smugglers Run was 35 minutes. We waited in this line and it moved surprisingly quick. We finished both Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge by 8:50am!

It pays to wake up early and get to the parks for these special extra extra magic hours. We were only at Disney for three days and we were able to get so much done because of this promotion! What could you get done in these hours?

Shelby Trocki

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  1. Thats great that its not crowded but the reason there is no one there is because school is in session. When Thanksgiving and Christmas hit its gonna be insane from then through summer. Enjoy now!

  2. Do you recommend doing the toy story rides FIRST during the extra extra magic hours and THEN heading to galaxy edge? Curious why you did not do Galaxy Edge first

    • I did not get any fast passes for Toy Story land and galaxies edge does not do fastpasses so I knew I wanted to do toy story land. Also, toy story land is pretty much all outside (lines) so it gets HOT in the mid day sun and the lines are long.

      I also was looking at wait times prior to our trip and it seemed like galaxies edge wait times remained the same but toy story increased as the day went on.

  3. Great insight! Was this during the week leading up to and after Hurricane Dorian? Those 2 weeks in particular had really light crowds so I’m curious to know if these Extra extra hours will have heavier crowds as we move into October.

  4. We did similar to you 2 weeks ago. Arrived at DHS at 5:40am. At rope drop headed directly to TSL. Rode Slinky 3x and TSM 2x by 7:15! After a quick Starbucks stop headed to SWGE where we were in line for Millenium Falcon at 8:00 and riding by 8:23!

    Definitely worth it to get up early if you can!!

  5. Just did MK, and Tomorrowland is also open during EEMH. We accomplished so much literally walking on all the rides in that first hour. Amazing!

    • My question also! I’m hoping it is extended well into January. We will be there for 8 nights, but at the expected crowd 10 levels, I’m nervous we won’t be able to experience everything without these hours and the new tier system.

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