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Disneyland to Get New Entertainment this Fall

Golden Horseshoe

Following some recent cuts to entertainment in Disney World, Disneyland announced additional entertainment acts today.

As announced on the Disney Park Blog, visitors to Frontierland and The Golden Horseshoe can expect some additional entertainment beginning this fall.

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Starting next week, the first addition guests can expect to see is the strolling magician performing sleight-of-hand tricks. You will be able to find this magical addition on the Mark Twain steamboat, on the streets of Frontierland or inside the Golden Horseshoe.

It doesn’t stop there, though, later this fall guests can enjoy even more at The Golden Horsehoe.  A showdown featuring a pair of piano players will be challenging each other playing Old West songs. You can expect audience participation too as guests will be encouraged to make song requests in an attempt to stump the players.

These new additions follow a rich history of acts in Frontierland including dancers, comedians, and horseback riders dating back to 1955.

Photo credit: Disney Parks Blog

What do you think of these additions? Do you have a song that will stump the piano players?

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