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Electric Umbrella closing in Epcot

Electric Umbrella closing

As a part of the Project Gamma project that will demolish all of Innoventions East and West, the Electric Umbrella restaurant in Epcot will close.

While most of the Innoventions area will close September 8, the Electric Umbrella restaurant is supposed to remain open until “Winter” 2019.  Sorry, but they haven’t provided an exact date for the closing at this time.

You’ll still find counter service options inside the Land pavilion at Sunshine Seasons.  I actually prefer to eat at Sunshine Seasons with a variety of nice baked dishes and a wide variety of desserts.  Other counter service options are available in the World Showcase as well.

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  1. I’m sad to see this go! We love to sit outside and people watch or watch the fountains. This is our go to place for meeting when we go separate ways in the park….I hope they plan to bring it back in some form. I’m hoping it will be done before next Spring when we head back. Between this and MouseGear closing it will be sad to be there.

  2. We are going on October. We will be sure to eat here one last time!

  3. That’s so disappointing to close that at the same time as Liberty Inn. Those are both good places for picky kids. We were already thinking Epcot was a one day park this trip. Now with all the construction and closures we might have to skip it.

  4. Bummer. We love electric umbrella. So many are off trying different foods-we always get well priced decent hot food fast here. Sad to see it go

  5. Honestly, closing the Liberty Inn and now this one? I like to rest my feet and have a soda and fries on occasion. I agree with Barbara – cheapest meal you can find and you don’t need a reservation and don’t need to plan ahead. Personally, I find the competing aromas in the Land Pavilion un-appetizing and headache inducing.

    So they’re closing everywhere you can run in and grab something quick to eat. Another great Disney change.

  6. Will there be a STARBUCKS location in Epcot during the demolish of East and West? Are they going to move the BAYMAX and CHARACTER SPOT meet and greets?

  7. No, we ate there all the time. We got the cheeseburger special they have. It was the cheapest meal we could find anywhere on property for the amount of food and free refills and dessert and we liked it.

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