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Epcot Character Spot closing with new locations for some characters

Epcot Character Spot closing

The Epcot Character Spot location for Goofy, Mickey and Minnie, as well as the one for Joy and Sadness and Baymax are set to close this fall.  This is where you’ll find some of those characters:

The Epcot Character Spot, Club Cool, Fountainview Starbucks, the Camera Center and Colortopia in what remains of Innoventions will close September 8, 2019.  This closure is due to the massive rebuild of Epcot’s entrance and grand mall areas into what is known as Project Gamma.  The new design will be more open and will include a centrally located Festival Center.  The Character Spot will return to this area in the future.

Here’s what is happening with the character meet and greets in the mean time.

  • Minnie Mouse will move to the World Showcase Gazebo where Pluto currently meets
  • Daisy Duck will move to the American Adventure pavilion in the back of the park
  • Goofy and Mickey will meet in a temporary location in  Innoventions West area.  Eventually, they will meet in the Imagination pavilion.
  • Joy and Sadness new location has not been announced.
  • It’s likely that Baymax will be retired.
  • Winnie the Pooh will return to the United Kingdom Pavilion in Christopher Robin’s room

All these details will be provided on Character Locator for planning purposes as well.


  1. Character spot is in my top 3 for fastpasses at Epcot. We have wonderful pictures from here. I’m very sad it won’t be available on my visit in September

  2. Bummer. Was going to take the little people to character spot (FP) while the rest of our group used an FP at Mission: Space. (end of Sept) Kenny, do you think they will have a fastpass for any of those characters? If not, any suggestions for how to use that time (and especially that fastpass for my two littlest, my mom and me)? I guess we could play in the Mission: Space climbing area… Most of the other 2 tier FPs are things our whole group will want to do anyway. Maybe Turtle Talk? Longest “comment” ever. Sorry! All the coffee.

  3. I’m so sad to hear Baymax may be retiring. We love Baymax and our last meet and greet with him was awesome! I need one more visit! I am not satisfied with my care Disney!

  4. We missed Baymax last time and he is my #1 character to meet on Jan. 2020 trip! I really hope this is not true!! The unique characters are awesome.

  5. Characters are one thing… but where is Starbucks going?! (I know… don’t come after me with pitchforks. I’m probably one of the few who likes my security blanket of familiar Sbux in the parks.)

  6. Sad to see Baymax is leaving! We are going at the end of September and I was hoping my little one could meet him then!

  7. Baymax will be retired??? That makes me so sad! He’s my favorite character. I’m definitely grateful that I have pictures with him! Pooh is my second favorite so it’s nice to hear I can see him at Epcot.

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