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Disney Villains After Hours coming to Magic Kingdom Summer 2019

Disney Villians After Hours coming to the Magic Kingdom Summer 2019

Disney villain fans, I have some great news for you!  Disney Villains are taking over the popular Disney After Hours event at the Magic Kingdom beginning Summer 2019 but there’s a major caveat!  Here’s all the details:

Disney – Disney After Hours has been a huge success with guests looking for the opportunity to experience the magic at Magic Kingdom Park after the sun goes down. Here’s a new reason to delve into the delights of Disney After Hours this summer – Disney Villains will add a wicked twist to Disney After Hours event nights June 6-August 8!

In case you aren’t familiar, Disney After Hours is a special event that’s open to a limited number of guests and offers low wait times at more than 20 attractions and experiences after the park closes to day guests, from classics like the Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Space Mountain, to newer favorites like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, plus many more. Event tickets also allow entry as early as 7 p.m., which gives you time to enjoy fireworks before heading off to the attractions. Ice cream novelties, popcorn and select bottled beverages are also included in the cost of admission.

‘Disney After Hours’ at Magic Kingdom Park

This summer, Disney Villains After Hours will take on a wickedly fun villains theme, with exclusive entertainment, food & beverage, merchandise and more.

Here’s a taste of what new elements to expect:

  • A Brand-New Disney Villains Stage Show – Hades and Meg from “Hercules” will set the castle stage ablaze in this all-new stage show, Villains Unite the Night, which will also feature appearances by Jafar, The Queen, Dr. Facilier and Maleficent.
  • Spot Maleficent the Dragon –  Maleficent the Dragon, with her Steampunk style and signature wicked grin, will be let loose for the first time at night – breathing fire as she creeps through the park as a one-of-a-kind experience for party guests.
  • Villanous Enhancements: Discover surprising, villain-inspired additions at Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain.
  • Wickedly Good Food & Beverage -A variety of special food & beverage offerings will also be available for purchase, including tasty desserts, drinks and dishes inspired by The Queen, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent, Hades, Dr. Facilier and even Emperor Zurg.
  • Event Merchandise – Event attendees can also purchase new logo merchandise, as well as items from a curated collection of the best Disney Villains merchandise available.
  • One Notorious Item to Note: Ever driven to stand out in their unpredictable and audacious fashion, while the Villains will be entertaining guests in the new stage show, they will not be participating in character greetings during the event.

If you really wanna get in on the action, feel free to show off your sinister side by dressing in attire inspired by your favorite baddie.

Disney Villains After Hours tickets cost $139 plus tax in advance, $144 plus tax on the event night. Keep your eye on the Disney Parks Blog in the coming weeks for booking details! Annual Passholder and Disney Vacation Club Members can take advantage of a $30 discount and purchase tickets for $109. Tickets for these specific Disney Villains After Hours event nights will go on sale April 29.

What do you think about this new After Hours offering?


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  1. Agreed…I saw the Villains After Hours on the main page and got sooo excited thinking it was going to be a Club Villain spin off. I was ready to call Disney and book it…until I read the bottom where it said no meet and greets :/
    I REALLY hope they figure something out and offer Villain meets for after hours during the halloween season or something! Our whole household loves the Villains!

    • It says “while they are doing the stage show” there are no character greetings. I would want clarity from Disney. Doesn’t sound like No Greetings, just not to expect them during the stage show. I think wording choice is a little confusing.

      • No, it states, “they will not be participating in character greetings during the event.”

  2. So MNSSHP creeps into Extra Magic Hours but costs more. Chapek works for the wrong company. Perhaps a job at Gringots more suitable.

  3. I have mixed feelings on this as i am going the end of August so I will be attending Not So Scary while there and am still waiting for the Toystoryland and Animal Kingdom after dark dates to be extended to my stay. That being said I love the idea of new Villain themed events and shows which is long overdue, BUT I am always waiting expecting there to be something more Star Wars themed to be announced for Hollywood Studios around the opening of Galaxy’s Edge. Not to mention the skyliner and Mickey & Minnies runaway railroad. Perhaps this show is a way to offer something new using what they already have so keeping the cost low and entertaining the end of summer crowds. I am taking a wait and see approach on it.

  4. Without Meet & Greets it’s all just one big expensive tease. Sad they couldn’t do a party like the Villains one they offered at Hollywood studios a few years ago all because they didn’t know how to run the lines.This would be a paid event so I don’t understand the reason not to get some rare villains meeting for that crazy price

  5. I’m not a fan. I guess I’m partially biased, because I’m not really getting the love for bad characters. I’m weird like that, I guess. But what really has me bummed out about this is that over the last several years, all of the things I loved about Disney have gone away. Unless… I spend a significant amount more. The one last thing remaining that was free was the extended park hours in the late spring and summer days. Now, I know there are EMH, and for that, I’m grateful, but we are doing off site due to budget. (we can use points to stay for free.) So we can not do EMH anymore. It just seems like all of our chances to do what we love are now going to cost us when they used to be a first come first served thing, or just something that all guests could take part in. I guess I’ll keep an open mind about this until I see what the impact is on operating hours… However, from a business standpoint, It looks real good to operate under less cost and then take in extra revenue, rather than stay open under extended hours with a full staff and operating costs. :(

    • They have been doing the after hours for a few years now and I have not seen a reduction in hours because of this. Hours were reduced before they started this.

      • I think there was, Tammy. But I am saying so because it’s the lack of extended hours that have historically (ha ha, what’s History today, right? It’s history.) Whereas parks used to have extended hours on busier park attendance seasons. They would usually extend them pretty close to the trip. sometimes in the am. sometimes pm. Usually in May, when we’d go, we could count on extended hours, which was great if not staying on site. That’s now gone, as the park closes at 9 or 10 to do the after hours gig. If the majority of the people want the parties and after hours events, and Disney is making a profit, all of us regular park guests will have to adjust, I guess. It’s for sure less value in my opinion. But everyone defines value differently, so my opinion, fact based may it be, may seem wrong to other people. That’s ok. We all get something different out of WDW. That’s what makes it so amazing!

    • Sorry to reply to my own comment. I’m recalling a Tuesday in mid-late October when Magic Kingdom closes at 6pm, and MNSSHP is Sun/Mon rather than Sun/Tuesday. I wonder if this event will be held that evening. I thought it was odd when you first released the calendar that MK shut down at 6pm on a Tuesday evening right before Halloween.

  6. Do you think they will go back to regular after hours after August 8th? We arrive on the 15th and stay till the 24th and were really hoping for an after hours at Magic Kingdom.

    • I don’t know. I would assume it will be based on attendance. It’s the same thing with a few villain activities

  7. I agree with Katharine, no meet and greats? What’s up with that? Hoping that one of the dates corresponds with our MK day.

  8. This will possibly turn it in to something like MNSSH …like a party…I wanted quiet really (as do so many whether its for a change of pace or a special need) not stage shows.. But at least the AH’s are happening in July so thats good. I’ll give it a whirl if I can get hold of the tickets.
    Thank you SO MUCH as always…

  9. Sounds like it will be a blast and would love to be there (but don’t have a trip planned during those dates); however, I think they are making a MAJOR mistake in not letting the villains participate in meet & greets! There are so many people who enjoy the villains and would take advantage of this even for the meet & greet alone. I think that may deter some people from spending the extra money if they can’t meet them. Personally, I would think twice about it because meet & greets are my favorite!

What do you think?

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