Home Disney World Filming dates set for 2018 Holiday specials at Walt Disney World

Filming dates set for 2018 Holiday specials at Walt Disney World

Filming dates set for 2018 Holiday specials at Walt Disney World

Disney has established the dates for the filming of the annual 2018 Holiday Specials at Walt Disney World.  In the same fashion as 2017, the actual parade portions will be filmed at Disneyland while Walt Disney World will host a variety of singers.

The filming dates will be November 7-11, weather permitting.  In 2017 filming was done in several parks and featured many stars including Darius Rucker, Ciara, Fitz and the Tantrums and 98 Degrees.

Officially, the viewing areas are limited to Cast Members who secure tickets, but the castle filming invites regular day guests to fill in the area as well.  We didn’t see day guests joining the filming in other locations, but you could catch a glimpse of the filming.

Musical acts for 2018 have not been released yet, but should be released soon by Disney Parks.  The actual specials will air on ABC around Thanksgiving and Christmas.


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  1. I remember there was a post about when the Autumn decorations change to Christmas and that it was done overnight. Was it at the end of the first week of November? Is it the same every year? We are going in November next year and my daughter’s family doesn’t get to DW very often and it would be great for them to see both seasons decorated.

    • Magic Kingdom takes a couple days to fully decorate. It will start Nov 1 after the party. The full resort takes about 3 weeks

  2. Third year in a row for us! The first year it really threw us because a bunch of schedules were changed at MK and certain things we were looking forward to were cancelled (stage shows and little parades). Also FoF was moved to 5:00. The next year, when the acts were spread out more, it was better. Now we should be pros at navigating and I’m honestly looking forward to it. When we watched the actual special, we were like – wow-we were there!

  3. We’ll be there during 2 of the filming days (1 at MK, 1 at HS). I’m happy to hear it sounds like filming will be pretty localized, not affecting the entire park as much as I was worried it would. Thanks!

  4. Thank goodness we will not be there then. A number of years we walked in and the “magic” of MK was no where to be found! Cables everywhere, people yelling directions, crowded sidewalks so bad you could not move down Main Street. We said no thank you and left. Never again.

  5. Does it usually occur on these same dates year to year? We hoped to go around Veteran’s day next year, but I wouldn’t want to be there for filming days.

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