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Epcot resort area Friendship boats to close for a couple of weeks

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The “Friendship boats”, which serve as a water taxi service for Epcot resorts, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, will not operate for a couple of weeks.  Here’s the details.

The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin resort recently posted a notification that the Friendship boats water taxi service on Crescent Lake will not operate from November 28 through December 18, 2018.

The temporary closure is due to construction of the Disney Skyliner gondola system.  The construction, evidently, will require closure of the canal system during this time frame.

I’ll keep you informed, if additional information is released.


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  1. Rumor has it that they are closing the international gate as well for the same time frame. Basically they are walling off the walkway around the area when the removable green poles are on the downside of the bridge from the Boardwalk. Therefore the boat dock will be closed as it is in that area. As DVC BCV owners, this would be a major impact if we were there then as the international gateway is a prime reason for staying at BC or BW.

  2. Did they say what they were going to do about transportation from the Boardwalk, etc. to Hollywood Studios? We were there two weeks ago and the walkway seems twice as long as it was, and now without the boats!!??

  3. Did you receive anything official other than the Swan-Dolphin letter? Only curious because I contacted Disney directly and their response to me on Oct 7 was, ‘At the moment we do not have any notifications about the Friendship boat at the Epcot® International Gateway to be close.’

    Things can change but wondering if you had something more definite than the letter? Could it be only their dock that is closed for some reason?

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