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Disney World Annual Pass and Parking prices increased

Disney World Annual Pass and Parking prices increased

Effective immediately, Walt Disney World has raised the prices on the following parking and Annual Pass products:


  • Automobile: $25.00 up from $22
  • Oversized Vehicle: $30.00 up from $27
  • Preferred Parking: $50.00 up from $45

Annual Passes

  • Platinum Plus: $994 up from $949
  • Platinum Plus (FL Resident):  $849 up from $829
  • Platinum: $894 up from $849
  • Platinum (FL Resident): $749 up from $729
  • Gold (FL Resident and DVC): $609 up from $589
  • Silver (FL Resident Only): $479 up from $439
  • Disney Weekday Select Annual Pass: $319 up from $289
  • Epcot After 4 Annual Pass: $289 up from $279
  • Water Parks After 2 Annual Pass (FL Resident) $75 to $79


  1. You people keep complaining yet you continue to spend your disposable income there. We had enough years ago. Sold our DVC points, dropped D23 membership, stopped renewal of AP’s and have visited some wonderful new vacation spots! Was fun once…not any more.

  2. I understand everyone thinks it’s greed but it’s economics .The parks are as crowded as ever. People keep paying more and you have limited capacity. If prices were too low everyone would complain about wait times and slow service. Prices go up until the attendance hits the sweet spot.

  3. Hi Kenny! I also think that these prices are too much but there’s unfortunately nothing that we can do about it except not going… A major drop in attendance is the only thing that will wake up management!
    By the way is Resort parking free for those that have a valid disabled parking permit? Thank you and keep up the great work!

  4. Well that makes that decision easier . I won’t be renewing our annual passes for our family of 5 next year. Disney is getting excessively greedy and taking away things we love most . We will keep our passes to Universal and Seaworld instead. But what is sad is that Disney does not care because people will keep coming and they will continue to turn profit without regard for guests. Shame on this leadership for taking Walt’s vision and destroying it .

  5. These prices are ridiculous. And no benefit for Seniors, Military, First responders or whatever. They had to give their cast members a wage increase so now the rest of us are paying for it. We haven’t been to any Disney park in almost 4 yrs when our A.P. expired. And being on Social Security doesn’t allow us to afford to go any longer. It seems like the only ones who go now are from other countries & I can’t imagine how they can afford it.

  6. Disney is out of control !! with price increases . they should work on there wifi big time !! and not sale so many party tickets I found it to be unsafe at times .We r going to check other places to visit

  7. Last year for my annual pass at WDW! In 2017 I bought my pass for $808 with tax. A year later it’s $952 with tax. Universal has a great sale going on now… buy one year get 6 months free for $420.. that’s $280 per year. I’m purchasing a Universal annual pass.

  8. Pathetic. WDW is becoming overpriced for their target audience, families. Cast member told me they charge for overtime resort parking because everyone else does. I thought they were better than that, obviously not

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