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Tom Sawyer Island closing for refurbishment

Tom Sawyer Island closing for refurbishment

As a part of the continuing work on the Rivers of America and Liberty Square Riverboat in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Tom Sawyer Island and the Rafts that carry guests will soon be closed for an extended refurbishment.

The Tom Sawyer Island Rafts and the Island itself will be closed to guests from October 14 through December 21, 2018.  It will reopen on December 22, assuming the date is not extended.

The Liberty Square Riverboat has been closed since January.  Initially, it was to replace the boiler and a great deal of rotten wood, but it was extended when engineers realized that several pieces of the track it runs upon needed replacement.

I’ve updated the listing on Character Locator and my overall refurbishment list to reflect this closure date.



  1. Kenny,

    Do you have the Resorts Activities Guides for this yr like you did in 2016? Trying to plan our down time for the week of Halloween and which resort we will do trick or treating and Hocus Pocus movie under the stars at…

    Hoping Port Orleans French Quarter has it this year =)

  2. So sad this will take place during our next trip! It is one of my children’s favorites. It was on our list to do on the upcoming trip.

    Thanks to your expertise, Kenny, I can now schedule something else during the time we had allotted for Island time. Appreciate!

  3. Tom Sawyer island is my daughter’s favorite place. She could probably spend all day there playing. She is sad it will be close on our next visit. It was also closed on our last visit due to an exceptional amount of rain. Bummer!

  4. This saddens me more than any of the other changes/refurbishments I’ve seen in a while and falls during our next trip. The island is where we take our favorite pictures to show our trips over the years. So sad to miss this one.

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