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Full script for the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean Auction scene

Full script for the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean Auction scene

Several months ago Disney announced that they were changing the popular (yet controversial by some) auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.  It had many people debating the scene here on my website and on my Facebook page and  Facebook group.  Well, you may see a number of videos of the new scene come forward today and can’t quite make out some of the audio.  Here’s the actual script of the new scene.

This is the full scene that was comprised of multiple rides on Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom after it re-opened from refurbishment today.

Auctioneer: Now you scurvy scum, do I hear ten? A hen for a ten

Pirate: Ten, I’ll give ya twenty… for the rum

Auctioneer: Pipe down you lilly-livered lubber.

Strike yer feathers dearie, show em yer flock.

Redd: Eh, send them hens to Davey Jones. It’s the rum they want!

Pirates: Yeh, the rum!

Redd: Ha, ha, ha. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!”

Auctioneer: Quiet ye scum (gunshots)

Weigh anchor now ye swabbies, what be I offered for these hearty hens? Everyone an egg layer

Other pirate: Not lest they be layin golden eggs

Auctioneer: Belay there ye bilge rat!

Redd: Oh quit yer cluckin’ the gentlemen want the rum, don’t ya boys?

Pirates: We wants the rum!

I offer the script without editorial comment, but what are YOUR thoughts on the new script?

I would politely ask that you share the link to this page, and not screenshot or copy and paste the information as I invested my time in getting the information for my readers.  Thank you, KennythePirate.

Image copyright Disney

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  1. I can understand why they wanted to change it, though I think the original scene was fine, but the new scene and dialogue sucks. It literally makes ZERO sense that they would want to buy this crap when they can just plunder it themselves (The new auctioneer is brain-dead). Also, the references to the old dialogue makes me want to vomit. The auctioneer saying “Strike yer feathers dearie, show em yer flock,” somehow sounds even more sexual than the original line.

  2. A slave auction as a set up for a fat joke probably isn’t the best content for family entertainment. Also did someone try to argue that owning slaves and drinking alcohol are nearly morally equivalent?!

  3. Now I can understand some people don’t like the change, but for me personally, I’m okay with either version.

    Besides I kinda like how Red is now a pirate too with more movement than when she was a prize to be sold off. Besides back in the caves with the skeletons playing chess, there was a painting of a red haired pirate on the wall, even long before this change. So in my opinion, making Red Hair a pirate during the change ties her more consistently to that foreshadowing painting.

  4. The new scene bugs me so much. Clearly it was changed because someone complained about the situation of the women, because the mermaid skeleton is gone from the ride as well. I’m a female, but in my opinion, Pirates of the Caribbean was never a movie that gave women respect or much power. The new scene just seems out of place with the rest of the ride and the fandom.

  5. Glad they removed auction of women. In these times with international visitors it was time to go. But this us all they could come up with? What are your ideas for this new scene?

  6. I find it ridiculous that people are so sensitive that in something done in jest be taken so seriously. What about the alcoholics? How will they feel about the rum? Or someone who had a child killed by a drunk driver? Or someone who had a family member die from alcohol? Now they will cry fowl on this script and they’ll have to change it again. Eventually there will just be music playing while we float through and look at the moving robots. It’s history. It is what it is. If we can’t laugh at it then what?!?!

  7. Thats sucks. I mean its ok considering the fact that they changed it. They should have never have changed it. Sorry the kids now a days a “offened” but do they not understand thats how it was in that time period . Walt Disney wanted to transport people back to that time. If you listen or watch the little sneek peek before it opened he will explain how everything would have been because of that time period. So if it was up to me I would keep it the same and not it anymore.

  8. I’m glad they’ve removed the human trafficking angle. Not attempting to change history, but we don’t need to ever pretend like sex trafficking is entertaining.

  9. I agree! Not to mention you can tell Disney didn’t even try rewriting the script. The new script feels like adults lamely trying to censor the truth from children. Keeping some original words while they unimaginatively add in a random thing to be selling (hens). They could have done better off with the Redhead. Plus Disney encouraging drinking, well done Disney, well done. Choose the stereotypical side of Pirates while keeping out true Historic facts.

  10. Look. Change happens. I get it. The part I don’t like about this change is that lack of someone saying “we wants the redhead,” like, correct me if I’m wrong, they kept in the French version. Also, she was prettier before. I shall see what happens at Disneyland.

  11. Rewriting history so no one’s feelings are hurt is just as a bad. It may be wrong but it was a part of a way of life, way back when. You cannot erase history. And honestly, it’s all in fun.

  12. Sad. Over sensitive people. It’s a ride for entertainment. The RIDE is set to a time and era that reflex’s that period. People really don’t dress and speak like that today! Walt’s vision was revised.

  13. Hurray! Anyone who is against human trafficking should welcome the change.

    “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” — Walt Disney

  14. BOOOOOO! :-) That’s all I can say. I was on that ride in 1975 and it’s not the end of the world, and I understand why they did it … but in my opinion it was unnecessary. Oh well, I will still love it, and enjoy it.

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