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Full script for the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean Auction scene

Full script for the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean Auction scene

Several months ago Disney announced that they were changing the popular (yet controversial by some) auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean.  It had many people debating the scene here on my website and on my Facebook page and  Facebook group.  Well, you may see a number of videos of the new scene come forward today and can’t quite make out some of the audio.  Here’s the actual script of the new scene.

This is the full scene that was comprised of multiple rides on Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom after it re-opened from refurbishment today.

Auctioneer: Now you scurvy scum, do I hear ten? A hen for a ten

Pirate: Ten, I’ll give ya twenty… for the rum

Auctioneer: Pipe down you lilly-livered lubber.

Strike yer feathers dearie, show em yer flock.

Redd: Eh, send them hens to Davey Jones. It’s the rum they want!

Pirates: Yeh, the rum!

Redd: Ha, ha, ha. Drink up me hearties, yo ho!”

Auctioneer: Quiet ye scum (gunshots)

Weigh anchor now ye swabbies, what be I offered for these hearty hens? Everyone an egg layer

Other pirate: Not lest they be layin golden eggs

Auctioneer: Belay there ye bilge rat!

Redd: Oh quit yer cluckin’ the gentlemen want the rum, don’t ya boys?

Pirates: We wants the rum!

I offer the script without editorial comment, but what are YOUR thoughts on the new script?

I would politely ask that you share the link to this page, and not screenshot or copy and paste the information as I invested my time in getting the information for my readers.  Thank you, KennythePirate.

Image copyright Disney


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