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Annual Disney World Ticket Price Increases coming very soon

Annual Disney World Ticket Price Increases coming very soon

It’s being rumored that the date for the annual Disney World Ticket Price increase will be on February 11, 2018.  That is pretty much in keeping with annual ticket price increases occurring in February.  Here’s the projected cost of tickets and the percent of increase for each ticket or annual pass:

When purchasing a single day ticket, one much choose between Value, Regular or Peak seasons.  The seasons is somewhat of indication of expected crowds at Disney World.  The Peak ticket certainly does a good job reflecting the busiest times in the park.

Mult-day tickets do not have the seasonal aspect.  Some annual passes are limited to Florida Residents (with identification) and Disney Vacation Club members.  Annual passes can also limit which dates are available to the passholder based on the ticket type.

Magic Kingdom
2017 2018 Increase
Value $107 $109 1.86%
Regular $115 $119 3.40%
Peak $124 $129 4.03%
EP, HS or AK
2017 2018 Increase
Value $99 $102 3.03%
Regular $107 $114 6.54%
Peak $119 $122 2.52%
Park Hopper
2017 2018 Increase
Value $162 $164 1.23%
Regular $170 $174 2.35%
Peak $174 $184 5.74%
Multi-Day Tickets
2017 2018 Increase
2 Day $199 $209 5.02%
3 Day $289 $325 12.45%
4 Day $350 $400 14.20%
5 Day $370 $415 12.16%
Florida Resident
2017 2018 Increase
3 Day $199 $209 5.02%
4 Day $219 $229 4.56%
Annual Pass
2017 2018 Increase
Florida Resident
$419 $439 4.77%
Florida Resident Renewal
$356 $373 4.77%
Florida Resident & DVC
$559 $589 5.36%
Florida Resident & DVC
$475 $500 5.26%
Platinum $779 $849 8.98%
Platinum Renewal $662 $721 8.91%
Florida Resident
$679 $729 7.36%
Florida Resident Renewal
$653 $704 7.81%
Platinum Plus $869 $949 9.20%
Platinum Plus Renewal $738 $806 9.21%
Platinum Plus
Florida Resident
$769 $829 7.80%

Tickets will increase soon, likely the date above, and the best way to stave off that increase is the purchase your tickets now or book your package now.  Packages and tickets purchased after the increase will reflect the change in pricing, while those booked now hedge against potential price increases.

What do you think of these potential price increases?


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  1. Thanks for the heads up. Purchased tickets yesterday and saved some cash. Will there ever be a year that prices don’t go up??? Silly question.

  2. Wow! $70 increase in Platinum AP. If you aren’t a Fla res that’s your only choice. I may not renew and just go once a year for 10 days instead of twice a year for 14 days.

  3. So we have a florida resident Gold annual pass if we buy the renewal today, if my understanding is correct, the renewal wouldnt go into affect until our current oasses expire, right?

  4. Just to show how much things have changed – when Epcot opened in 1982, Disney sold 3-day passes that were good at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, had no expiration, and could be used by whoever had them. They cost $30. Not $30 per day, $30 for 3 days, which could be spread out over 20 years if you wanted. Those passes are still valid at those two parks if anyone has unused ones. My mom bought a dozen of them and thought she was being extravagant. Whenever she had out-of-state visitors, she would have them use one of the leftover days on those passes. I think you could even park hop between those two parks on those passes. You just couldn’t use them at Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom since they were issued long before those parks were built.

  5. Yes, your year with annual passes has always started the first day you went to the park with them, not the date of purchase. Other parks have similar policies. That’s the fair way to do it.

  6. I’m wondering about the weekday pass, too. Maybe they will keep the price of it the same since it helps bring people in during slower days and probably appeals most to retirees or singles rather than families that want to go on weekends.

  7. Please remind me what the policy is….I can purchase tickets now but have until the end of 2018 to use them or would I have longer?

  8. Crazy – if I went in value season, it is cheaper to buy single day tickets instead of multi-day tickets for 2 or 3 days, it isn’t cheaper to buy a multi-ticket until you get to 4. I know Reg & Peak season it works out to be a value, so I guess they figure that since the multi-day tickets don’t change with the season they don’t care during value season – but the percent increase is so much higher on mulit-day tickets I wonder if it is going to make a differance. The only time I went less than 4 days it was on a conference ticket which was priced differently – but I would always assume that a multi-ticket is a better bargan – and that is not going to be true in all cases now. Though I doubt that Disney is going to change the way they market multi-day tickets as a better value.

  9. My AP doesn’t expire until April. If I go ahead and renew before the price increase, what would be the date of expiration? The date we renew or the April date?

  10. The annual passes expire based on first use not purchase date. We bought passes in February, used them in June. They expired the following June.

  11. If you’ve already booked a package but change the number of days after the ticket price increase is effective, will you be charged the increased price for the ticket component of the pacakage or are you still locked in at the 2017 price?

  12. Is the pricing for the multi day correct? Because it seems odd that it would be cheaper to buy separate 2 day and 1 day tickets for cheaper than it would be to just buy a 3 day ticket? Just wondering!

  13. The regular tickets expire 14 days from first use. The annual passes would be good for one year from purchase date (except for block-out dates depending on which annual pass you have).

  14. If multi day tickets or annual passes are purchased before the increase, when would you have to use the tickets or annual passes (when would they expire?)?

What do you think?

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