Book your next Disney Adventure with KennythePirate and Mouse Class Travel

Book your next Disney Adventure with KennythePirate and Mouse Class Travel

I have exciting news!  I’m now an owner in a Disney only travel agency to bring you the best Disney Destinations AND my custom planning services!  That’s right, when you book with us, you’ll receive the BEST treatment, the BEST resources and the BEST planning services.  Here’s the details:

Over the last several years I’ve presented offers for outside Disney Travel Agency services, but felt that something was missing.  I have seen some positive things and some things that could use improvement.  I  feel that the best way to present a true VIP experience is to partner with a trusted friend and launch our own services!

Book your next Disney Adventure with KennythePirate and Mouse Class TravelSome of you may know Lisa from our great Halloween and Christmas Webinars over the last couple of years.  She and I love bringing the joy of Disney to our friends and want you to have the BEST vacation possible.  She and I are co-owners in this agency.  If you are looking for a truly magical, concierge style vacation, we are the team for you!

Every guest who books a Disney World or Disneyland vacation package (with room and tickets) with Mouse Class Travel will receive a FREE one year subscription or renewal for Character Locator‘s great planning tools.

KennythePirate's Character Locator

Every guest who books a Disney World or Disneyland vacation package with room and tickets valued at $4,500 or more will receive full concierge service by KtP and Lisa.  Lisa will be the point person that will help you choose the best accommodations, and plan out the best days to visit the parks using my Crowd Calendars, she will also assist you by planning out your dining choices and any special tours.  Then, I will book your Fastpass selections and create your truly custom touring plans* for each day of the trip.  Those who have used my Custom Planning services rave about The results.  They often accomplish 4 times more than the average guest with low wait times for rides, characters and shows!

We can assist you with Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise LIne and Adventures by Disney trips!!!

By investing together with someone who loves Disney as much as I do, we at Mouse Class Travel will help you plan the most magical vacation!  Start the process with a FREE quote today!!

Book your next Disney Adventure with KennythePirate and Mouse Class Travel

*All guests booking a Disney World or Disneyland vacation receive the complimentary one year Character Locator subscription.  Guests booking a vacation value of $4500 or more will receive the complimentary KtP custom planning services.

21 thoughts on “Book your next Disney Adventure with KennythePirate and Mouse Class Travel”

  1. Character Locator is updated weekly. Dates are on the top of each park. Blog will begin receiving additional info again. I’ve had issues with WordPress that I had to fix.

  2. Is it possible to pay for fastpass booking? I’m going to be traveling around Europe for work when our Fastpass day opens. I’m concerned about connectivity. Thanks!

  3. My package would be over the $4,500 mark but my dates fall into the historical free dining promotion so of course hoping for that which would place me below. Would I get kicked out of concierge service at that point? Just curious, loved using Character Locator and recommend it to everyone (actually current subscriber even though it has been almost two years since my last trip) so would love to work with y’all one on one!

  4. This is super exciting news! It makes me very excited for our WDW trip next year and we already love using character locator, it’s such an amazing tool. I follow your blog and have found such helpful information that has made our other trips go very well. I’ll look forward to using this great service!

  5. I am so freaking excited for this!!! I am so overwhelmed with all the things I want to do on our one & only WDW trip in 2019/2020, this is exactly what I need! We are spending 6 weeks in Florida, with 2 separate stays at Disney trying to avoid the major crowds. Seriously, when you are done with me, you will probably be glad to see the back of me!!! I will apologise in advance for my many questions…but when you are only going to WDW once, you want to make it count!

  6. I already have my trip for march planned but as soon as dates for February 2019 come out I’ll look here to book my son’s surprise first trip for his birthday.

  7. Hi Kenny! I think it’s another one of your wonderful ideas! I think that you will be helping lot’s of people have an even greater trip! Is this service available only to those living in the USA?

  8. So that’s what we’ve been waiting for! I’m picky about planning all the details myself. But i have less and less time lately. I might be tempted to use this service. But I really like to be Hands-On and plan it all myself though. However following you on Facebook and YouTube has for the first time in my life actually made me start thinking about going to Disneyland. And I have no clue about Disneyland! So if we do plan a trip to Disneyland, that is where I can see myself using this service.

    1. No, it is a step-by-step outline of the attractions you wish to visit in a day. Disney provides VIP tours of their parks.

  9. This is a really exciting announcement :) I had been dying to know!!!! I am a super Type A planner, so I haven’t let anyone help me plan my WDW vacations since the very first one in 2000 BUT if I ever did, this is definitely the way I’d go!! Plus, I’ve got the DL itch lately, and know absolutely nothing about traveling there…hmmmmm

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