Home Disney World RUMOR: Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may be ending

RUMOR: Flights of Wonder at Disney’s Animal Kingdom may be ending

RUMOR: Flights of Wonder at Disney's Animal Kingdom may be ending

The popular “Flights of Wonder” bird show that features the comedic stylings of the famed Explorer Guano Joe and his fear of birds may be ending soon.

Guano Joe is joined by an animal behaviorist and more than 20 different exotic birds for a 25 minute show that includes guest involvement.  The show regularly fills to capacity or near capacity and receives positive feeback among guests.

Cast Members are now stating that the show could be ending on December 31 in order for the  Caravan Stage theater to be re-modeled in preparation for a new show that will begin in April 2018 to celebrate Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s 20th Anniversary.

We love this show and Debbie actually participated in it once (short video above), so we’ll miss another memory gone past, but it’s always nice to see new things coming to the park as well.  How do you feel about this possible change?

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  1. Does anyone know what will become of the Guano Joe actor? Will he be moving to another attraction or show? He was always my favorite.

  2. The show is good, but I feel like bird shows are just…boring. I feel like many animal parks have bird shows and they all do the same tricks. Flights of Wonder is cute (I love the little rat running around) and has some good laughs, but nothing really makes me “wow” about it. I’ve only ever seen it once, and felt that that was enough. Still, the audience was full!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something new go into this space, but I”m also a fan of running over to Expendition Everest as a FoW show starts to get a shorter line :P

  3. Nooooooooooo – we love this show (and is suitable for all the family). All things must change I guess but just hope it’s changed for something equally heartwarming.

  4. One of my favorite shows at Animal Kingdom. Just saw it last week and it was a full crowd. I hope it will still be an animal show. It was fun and educational!

  5. We enjoyed the show, but change can be good. My son was able to throw the grape in the air at one visit. And last October, I got to sit on the dump and have the owl, named JJ (which I’d also my name) fly over my head. It was ready fun!

  6. This show was one of our “must dos” in Animal Kingdom! We’ll miss it; my husband has participated in it too! It’s disappointing, but we’ll make sure to catch it one last time during our December trip.

  7. Oh no! We love that show. Wish I would have known it was a possibility – I would have tried to see it last week when we were there. I really hate that they seem to be making animal involvement less and less.

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