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Select Walt Disney World Resorts to allow Dogs to stay in Rooms with Guests

Select Walt Disney World Resorts to allow Dogs to stay in Rooms with Guests

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Walt Disney World is a magical place for human guests, now the magic will extend to dogs as well!  Dogs will soon be allowed to stay with guests at certain Disney World resorts with their human companion.  Here’s the details:

Beginning Sunday, October 15, 2017 guests will be able to stay with their dogs in one of four resorts for an additional fee to cover potential cleaning:

  • Disney’s Art of Animation Resort  – $50 per night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort – $50 per night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort – $75 per night
  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort – $50 per night

The fee per room is required for each guest with a dog.  There will be a maximum of TWO dogs per guest room.  Guests will be provided access to pet walkways for exercise and green spaces with pet relief areas.

Disney will provide the following amenities for the dogs and their friends to help accommodate their needs.

  • At check-in, Pluto’s Welcome Kit includes mat, bowls, a pet ID tag, courtesy plastic disposable bags, puppy pads, dog walking maps, and a Pluto “Do Not Disturb” door hanger indicating to hotel staff that a pet is in the room.
  • If you wish to board your dog during the day, Best Friends Pet Care will still be available for you to book for an additional fee.
  • Coming soon!  Pet merchandise .

Dogs will be expected to have good behavior and leashed while in public guest areas.  For additional information call  407-W-DISNEY. DVC Members should contact Member Services at 800-800-9800.

What do you think of this new offering?

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Wednesday 27th of June 2018

I would not be able to stay in a room that had housed a lab or similar animal. My allergies are so severe I wouldn’t be able to breathe. It has happened, only in response to certain breeds, where I have sudden sever coughing, shortness of breath and cough up large amounts of mucous. It can easily send me to the ER if I don’t have an inhaler (and I’m not an asthmatic, never have been).


Sunday 19th of November 2017

NOT at all happy about it! I agree that some dog owners are worse than the dogs themselves. Formerly abused dogs that lash out are given excuses and the person/child attacked by the dog is the problem. Animals are unpredictable. People with tiny dogs want to tote them around like live toys. People with large dogs will pose a space issue for people who are allergic or weary of the animal. Some dogs are not nearly disciplined as well as others. The noise factor, the soiled carpets, and the potential lawsuits will perhaps force this to be short-lived.


Thursday 19th of October 2017

You have well behaved lap dogs… and you love them. Good on you and hooray for your dogs. I love dogs… I don’t have one for lots of reasons and regardless of how great your dogs are I still don’t want to stay in a room that your dogs have lived in. And let’s say for the sake of debate that half of the dogs are like yours and the other half bark, growl, shed, poop, pee, and slobber. You won’t find me staying at a pet friendly hotel. Ever. And I love animals but I guess it’s a conditional kinda love. By the way… your comment about dogs being exponentially cleaner than most men.. I guess depending on where you live, not true and quite a sexist hung to say. Good day!


Monday 16th of October 2017

Awful decision. My daughter is deathly afraid of dogs. We spend a lot of money for a vacation to Disney and don't want to feel stressed out and uncomfortable by pets on the property. I booked a trip a long time before we knew of this policy at The Art of Animation. Now I don't know if I want to go in January or not. Totally upset!


Monday 16th of October 2017

Who makes these decisions. Are they out of their minds. People like me with allergies can't stay in a room that has had a dog. You can't clean those rooms well enough and I won't take the chance of my vacation being ruined because I can't breathe and have hives. So I won't be staying at any of those resorts just to be safe. Also dogs bark. What about when people leave their dogs in the room while they go to the parks. Is Disney going to go and find them and make then come back to their rooms if their dogs are disturbing others. I don't object to them making one of the resorts a dog resort, because then if you decide to stay there you know what to expect, but I can't believe Disney thinks the majority of people will be happy about this.

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