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Star Wars: Galactic Nights Returns for The Last Jedi


The countdown to Star Wars: The Last Jedi has begun and with it has come some exciting news for Disney park guests! StarWars.com has announced that Star Wars: Galactic Nights will return again this December in celebration of the world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

Galactic Nights premiered at Hollywood Studios this past April during Star Wars Celebration Orlando as a special one-time event filled with Star Wars celebrities, a scavenger hunt, and even the first appearance of Rey during the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away show. StarWars.com has announced that Galactic Nights will be coming back one more time, December 16th, the day after the release of The Last Jedi and tickets are available now !

Star Wars: Galactic Nights will relive much of the same festivities as when it premiered in April such as lightsaber churros, the Galactic Scavenger Hunt, special photo opportunities, Ewoks, and Star Wars celebrities all alongside the current Star Wars offerings and shows available at Hollywood Studios.

With this event happening immediately following the release of The Last Jedi, I wonder if we may get to see some new characters in action and wandering the park or making surprise appearances in shows as Rey did in Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away? Maybe we will finally meet Supreme Leader Snoke, Old Man Luke, or even the new BB-9E?

Although Galactic Nights deviated very little from what everyday park guests would experience any other day of the year, the atmosphere of thousands of excited fans all coming together to geek out and show off their love of Star Wars helped make the event extremely fun and enjoyable.

What was your favorite part of Galactic Nights? Who do you want to see make an appearance in the parks after The Last Jedi? Let me know in the comments!

Danny White


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  1. I was wondering as I was reading through it, exactly what makes it so specail from any other night in HS? For that price, I was expecting more than a dance party and a couple extra characters? What am I missing?

  2. Do you think they will continue with the Star Wars fireworks during the holiday season? I’m hoping so, with the release of the new movie. I apologize if you’ve posted about this already. I’ve only seen a post about the different Christmas scenes.

    • I cen definitely understand that. I believe the high off of Star Wars Celebration and the fan experience is what made it fun for me. I hope that they improve on it for December.

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