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One Man’s Dream to be reimagined in Hollywood Studios

One Man's Dream to be reimagined in Hollywood Studios

Disney announced that they will be reimagining One Man’s Dream at Hollywood Studios into an area called Walt Disney Presents.  Expected to open on Friday September 8th,  Walt Disney Presents will still showcase historic items from Walt Disney’s history, like sketches, photos and storyboards.  It will now also become a preview center allowing  guests to explore what will be coming to Hollywood Studios.

A Never Before Seen Toy Story Land Model
Park guests will see concept art, ride vehicle maquettes, and even a never before seen model for Toy Story Land!  Imagineers are still at work in completing the Toy Story Land model, but it will be done and ready for the September 8th opening.
One Man's Dream to be reimagined in Hollywood Studios

A portion of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge model shown at the D23 Expo will be on display.  Disney will display the other half of the large model somewhere in Disneyland.

One Man's Dream to be reimagined in Hollywood Studios

Guests will also see concept art for the new Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction that is replacing The Great Movie Ride. 

Parts of One Man’s Dream to Remain

One Man’s Dream has been used as of late for two important things. Disney added a new Meet and Greet area in One Man’s Dream last year, and guests were able to see Moana there.  This past Spring, Star-Lord and Baby Groot moved into this Meet and Greet location.  Secondly, Disney has been using the One Man’s Dream Theater as a place to show previews of upcoming Disney movie releases.  Disney is stating that these uses of the area will remain in place in the new Walt Disney Presents.

With so much change happening in Hollywood Studios, guests may not like this additional reimagining . Disney’s announcement does provide some hope.  While the name of One Man’s Dream will change, it is good to hear that we will still see some Walt Disney history in the new area.  In the end, we may end up with a space that still contains a little of the past.  It will also provide a glimpse of the future.  The new area’s name prominently contains Walt’s name.  It is hopeful that the reimagining is not straying too far from the original purpose of One Man’s Dream.

What do you think about all this?  Will adding models of Toy Story Land and Galaxy’s Edge increase or decrease your feelings about the Walt Disney Presents?


  1. I enjoy the historical aspect of One Man’s Dream. Especially since I grew up in the era of seeing Walt every Sunday night on Wonderful World of Disney. And I get the need to update for the current generation of Disney fans. Though it would be nice if they could keep a copy of the original movie playing somewhere in the exhibit or maybe on occasion show it in the theater. I don’t mind the previews but I do appreciate Julie Andrews retelling Walt’s story.

  2. I hope it’s still there when we arrive in September 2018 – we loved it immensely hope they don’t change it too much. I love the history of Walt it portrays

  3. Honestly, I had no idea what One Man’s Dream was and had never been in there in 14 trips to WDW. After reading about i on various blogs, I finally went in it on my last trip. It was pretty fascinating. I wish I had known sooner what it was and would have appreciated it more. I’m glad they’re still keeping historical portion.

  4. Just saw your comment – I think you conveyed it well! :D I tend to ramble and probably over-cover what I’m trying to say, that’s all :P

  5. As it stands now, I think One Man’s Dream gets overlooked a lot. Passersby aren’t sure what it is, and I’ve seen more people pass it then curiously wander in. I love the historical aspect of it and the great tribute to Walt, as well as the models of the rides and different castles from Disney parks around the world.

    I think it’s a great idea to incorporate what will be coming to Hollywood Studios! It’ll be fun for guests to get excited for the opening of Toy Story and Star Wars. As long as they don’t lose the historical aspect of One Man’s Dream, I look forward to the changes that will become Walt Disney Presents! :)

  6. @WendyLantz, I agree completely. We went over to ride GMR one more time before it closes, and we visited One Man’s Dream afterward. The movie still gives me goosebumps and we had to go home and watch Walt Before Mickey that same night!

  7. I just hope it doesn’t close down too long for “re-imagining.” We will be there in mid-September and with the loss of GMR, there’s already limited attractions to spread people out. I can still hope for pixie dust in the form of Moana…not giving up!

  8. So glad the history is remaining, we love this area & enjoed the addition of movie previews. Glad it will be reimagined by our November trip!

  9. I think it’s fantastic that they’re updating this space. I feel like One Man’s Dream has been neglected significantly and become largely irrelevant (to the view of MOST guests). Before people freak out – because I know they will – I don’t believe that the history is not important or relevant to Disney and the Magical land he created there, BUT, the majority of guests don’t even venture over to One Man’s Dream, because it’s not exciting to them. I believe you have to update and evolve to keep peoples interest – you have to cater to the audience you’re targeting. And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re keeping the attraction relevant by updating it and attracting attention. It doesn’t mean the old won’t still exist. Perhaps it will be appreciated as it hasn’t been in a while by mixing it in with a bit of the new. ;) And I, for one, am extremely excited for the previews they’re installing here. I’ll be visiting the updated attraction this fall, and previously..I probably would have skipped it this trip.

  10. I LOVE the history in One Man’s Dream. I hope they don’t lose sight of the past while reimagining the future. Part of what we LOVE about Disney World is the educational opportunity that can be had while being in the midst of Magic. I do love being entertained, but I hope that Disney does not lose sight of Walt’s original vision in this new era.

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