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Is Disney Going to be Using Lyft for the Minnie Van service?

Is Disney Going to be Using Lyft?

I’m sure you’ve already heard about Disney’s new Minnie Van service that will be used in Walt Disney World but, there is more you might find interesting.

Walt Disney World has begun testing the new Minnie van service at Disney’s BoardWalk and Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resorts. Although, the Minnie Mouse-themed service will not be a van but, a Chevrolet Traverse mid-size SUV.

The vehicle should accommodate up to 7 passengers, including the driver and there will be two car seats available, in each vehicle, for young children.

Disney’s Minnie Mouse-themed ride service should begin full operation on July 26, 2017, using the Lyft app. Yes, you read that correctly, to access the Minnie vans guests will be able to push a few buttons on the Lyft app to order the car.

Is Disney Going to be Using Lyft?

Guests will be able gain access to the Minnie Van service from anywhere in Walt Disney World. All you will need to do is open the Lyft app on your smartphone, request a ride, and pay through the Lyft app.

The service costs a $20 flat fee per one-way trip but, the fee is subject to change. If you need assistance cast members at the Bell Service desk of your resort can help you navigate the Lyft application and payment.

Official Walt Disney World cast members will be driving the Minnie vans for guest safety. The current operational hours for the Minnie van service are 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM.

Will you be using the Minnie van service to travel around Walt Disney World?



  1. I can’t wait to use this service with my 2 young grands. My concern is will there be enough cars/drivers to meet demand especially at park closing? Can you reserve in advance?

  2. I want to be a Minnie Driver! Used to drive for Uber until the wear and tear on my van became too much. Anyone have any employment leads? The career page does not show anything. Thanks!

  3. Dose the new Minnie Van service take you to the gates of the MK or drop you off at Ferry Boats? where dose Uber drop you off?

  4. I think this is awesome for families with little ones. We will be going to Disney the last week of August with a 1 yr old and 3 yr old. We planned on renting a car for those morning breakfast reservations and also so we didn’t have to hop on buses with a double stroller and two little ones. The car rental company chargers $65 per week per carseat. If this service is going to be available end of August, we’d save over $100 if we used it instead of a rental.

  5. A $20 flat fare to go anywhere on property, in a vehicle that holds 6 passengers & includes up to two car seats, is not a bad price.

    For comparison, I just looked up prices on Uber to go from BLT to AKL (so pretty much opposite ends of the property) and the lowest fare was uberX at $13.45. UberXL is $21.31. If you need a car seat, the fares are $20.47 & $28.93 respectively. Depending on where you are going to/from, the size of your group, and your car seat needs, the Minnie Van service may end up being your cheapest option.

  6. I am very excited about this. We will be traveling with two little ones (2 and 4) and staying at a Disney property in fall 2018… knowing that we could do a breakfast or dinner at another property, or Disney Springs, without worrying about the issues that come with shuttling around from bus to bus, etc., is huge. We will definitely use it a couple of times. Uber, Lyft, and cabs don’t have the option of two car seats. And safety with WDW employees is reassuring.

  7. Can a traverse fit a double stroller in its trunk? Because if so I would definitely take advantage of this with 4 kids, two needing car seats. Not having to deal with buses with the parks close is definitely worth this price tag to me!

  8. We used Uber twice from Boardwalk for super early AK arrivals. There weren’t any buses on the monitors, so I opened the app and had an Uber driver there in 2 minutes. Both drivers were older men on their way to work. We felt completely safe. We also used it from the Poly for a pre-RD breakfast ressie at EP and a return trip from Typhoon Lagoon. Uber was awesome at WDW! We only paid $6-$9 for each ride. I would never pay Disney $20 for this service. If they would run the buses and the monorail earlier and restore direct bus service to the water parks, there wouldn’t be any need for Uber or Lyft or Minnie Vans! Rant over…..grrrrr.

  9. Yes, but for a family of 5 I have to use Uber XL, which costs more, then add $5 for a car seat, plus the fact that the car seats limits the drivers available. If I need 2 car seats I’m out of luck with Uber. For a large family with young kids, it’s a welcome service.

  10. Too expensiv3, but I’m sure many will pay for the novelty of it.

    (I thought this was a partnership with the Honda Odyssey.)

  11. I will be tempted to use this service for an early morning breakfast at the Boardwalk. It seems much safer than other ride-sharing services, outside of Disney control. However, it is way too expensive to use frequently.

  12. Will these Vans be able to drop off at Magic Kingdom where the buses drop off or do you have to be dropped off at TTC like when you use a cab, Uber or Lyft. If they could then it would be worth the price to us.

  13. I feel like it is comparable to Uber Family costs. Since I need a car seat for one child, I would consider it since cab or regular uber aren’t options. Once littlest is out of car seat, I wouldn’t spend that.

  14. I’m assuming cabs will still be available as well from the resorts? We ended up using a cab to get to water parks in June from BC and it was only a $10 ride.

  15. It would be better if one could pay with magic bands, rather than having to input my credit card numbers into a separate app.

  16. $20 for a one-way trip feels expensive. On the other hand, that will probably mean that you’ll usually be able to get one — can you imagine if it were less? There’d be enormous demand. And as you said, Susan, it’ll be perfect for those special dinners halfway across the park. Or, also, if you close down the park and are just too tired to deal with a bus.

  17. Is there any word on whether or not there will be special vehicles to transport persons with a scooter or ECV or wheelchair?

  18. An awesome service for those of us that have a family but no car. Especially for dinner reservations at other resorts. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! LOL

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