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December 2017 Disney World crowd calendar and park hours created

December 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar Park Hours with Fastpass and Dining Booking Dates KennythePirate

I’ve completed my December 2017 Disney World Crowd Calendar with the initial park hours.  It contains the Extra Magic Hours for each day and some of the parade and fireworks information.  Click to read more!

What you’ll find about my Decemeber 2017 Crowd Calendar.

  1.  It has all the initial Extra Magic Hours.  Typically the week of Christmas and the week after will offer additional Extra Magic Hours and some Saturdays may add Extra Magic Hour as well.   There’s no way to predict what will happen, only report on what does happen.
  2. Fireworks and Parade times aren’t complete for the month.  We’ll know more about those things as we get closer, but you’ll never find Happily Ever After Fireworks on a night when the park closes for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.   I’ll update the Crowd Calendar as we go along.
  3. Park hours will change, a lot.  Over the next 6 months, I’ll post a number of times about the park hours changing.  For example the Magic Kingdom park hours recently updated for select dates in late May, June and early July and Hollywood Studios recently updated for September 2017.  Don’t be too obsessed about closing times right now.
  4. The Magic Kingdom shows 6pm closing times for every Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party date.  Here’s hoping they do an effective job getting all the day guests out of the park before the party begins.  Over the last few years more and more people are hanging around for the parade and fireworks with no one making them leave.  Hopefully the earlier closing hour will help in that fashion.  You’ll find those 6pm closing in November and December.  It will be interesting to see if they give back the lost hour by opening an hour earlier later on.

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  1. Thank you Kenny for all your help! Do you have any idea when the Fall room rate deals for pass holders and Florida residents will be posted by Disney? It seems late this year. Thanks.

  2. Kenny

    I’m sorry if this has been asked before but how do you get the December hours before they are posted anywhere else? I guess why I’m asking is to see if these are accurate hours ( at least at the present moment) or assumptions made from previous years. I’ve been trying to plan my December trip for weeks now and you are the only one who has any info posted regarding the hours ( kudos to you). I’m just curious as how to approach the info you’ve posted. Thanks for all the insight

  3. Hello Kenny!! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your hard work on this. I used your site last year to plan the very first DW trip for my son and I and I’m going to use them again this year. I recommend your site to everyone I talk to regarding DW planning because of how insanely accurate it was. Yes, Disney tweaked times here and there, but I was amazed at how much of everything was already correct. You do a great job… keep up the good work!!
    Sincerely, a loyal Kenny the Pirate fan

  4. Do you know if Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular at HS will happen in December? I notice only Fantasmic is listed as of now.
    Also, week of 12/9-12/16…trying to decide between Sunday 12/10 or Tues 12/12 for MVMCP. Which would you recommend for lower crowd levels?

  5. Hey, Kenny! Long time Character Locator-user, first time commenter:

    I notice that the calendar shows no Happily Ever After in the week leading up to Christmas, even on non-Christmas Party nights. Was this the case with Wishes? Should I hold out hope that this will change as we get closer to the date?

  6. Thank you for the info about the 6 pm closing. Do you think party guests still be allowed in at 4 pm with a ticket, or will the early closing change that? I couldn’t find an exact answer on the Disney website other than the party starts at 7.

  7. Thanks for the updates! Do you think the hours may still change for MK in June? We are going June 15 and the hours for MK that weekend remain unchanged even though the following weeks extended.

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