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Update on Pandora the World of Avatar Fastpass availability

Update on Pandora Fastpass availability

I thought you guys might like to have an update on Avatar Fastpass+ availability for the Pandora rides that are coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Here’s the details:

There are 2 rides that offer Fastpass+ in Pandora.  Flight of Passage is the Soarin’ type 3D ride in which you “fly” upon a Banshee.  Na’vi River Adventure is a gentle flowing boat ride through the Pandoran forest.

Flight of Passage is by far the more popular Fastpass+ choice of the two.  When I searched (April 26, 2017) for even a single Fastpass (with official hotel stay booked) for Fastpass+ for Flight of Passage, I found them to all gone from May 27 through 30, 2017.  It becomes an afternoon or evening Fastpass for several days after.

When I searched for a single Fastpass for Na’vi River Journey, they were gone from May 27 through 29 with mostly afternoon and evening Fastpass+ on the 30th.

If you’re planning to visit these new attractions and you’re not booking your Fastpass+ within your 60 day window of your onsite Disney World stay, you’re likely out of luck.  You might find a lose single Fastpass here or there during the date of your visit, but it’s unlikely to find a family of 4 on the actual date you are in the park.

If you are staying OFFSITE, you’re pretty much out of luck for Fastpass+ for this summer.  You’ll want to rope drop one ride and endure the wait (whatever that is) for the other ride at some point during the day or evening.

You are limited to chosing Fastpass+ for ONE of the rides in a single day and you can choose two other rides that aren’t Pandora. (You can also completely avoid Pandora and book 3 Fastpass+ outside the land.)  You’d need to be really lucky to find it as a 4th Fastpass+ for your family.  I chose our Fastpass+ for the evening for one of the rides.  My thinking is to visit the new land at rope drop and ride one ride and see the land during the daytime.

Then, we will use the evening Fastpass+ to be guaranteed entry to Pandora after dark and see all the bioluminescent features when they will shine best.  We’ll likely sample the food in the evening as well.  I figured it was better to be safe and have Fastpass+ that will assure me of entry in case they find that the land is overly full and blocks people without Fastpass+.

Any questions?


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  1. On site guests give them income from their stay for resort and likely spend more, our tickets are only about a 3rd of our wdw stay

  2. I think it’s awful that folks staying off Disney property are penalized. We are spending the exact same amount of Park Tickets. We should receive a refund for rides that are not available due to extensive lines during our stay. Shame on you Disney!!

    • You’re not spending the same amount on resorts, emh goes to Disney resort guests as it has for many years, and I don’t work for Disney

  3. We are going to be in AK on Tuesday the 16th I believe that is a pass holder preview day if they expand to allow other park guests in what is our best bet or just dumb luck ?

  4. Passholders have previews up to the actual opening, so that’s doubtful. Ours is for the 16th and they booked quickly once released.

  5. Excellent observations and insight Kenny as always! We are not going until later in the year, but was planning to implore the same strategy in terms of the evening fast pass.

  6. There is also the late night hours for Resort guests. I plan on using that to see the area at night the first week.

    • Correct, for those who wish to stay up until midnight or later. I bet the rides will be REALLY busy though. 2 rides for all resort guests.

  7. Wow didn’t know that they might block acesss…i hope to rope drop Banshe, but back up plan was to stay the extra hours to get it…

  8. Thank Kenny! Just asked the same ! on Facebook – wasn’t sure if you saw questions here as regularly, sorry for the double-post. Looking forward to Pandora in July!

  9. Hi Kenny, Any thoughts on Rider switch? I have one kid that makes the height requirement and one that does not. I wish it was the same height requirement as Soarin’ :-(

  10. Very interesting idea about making your FP+ an evening one so you can see Pandora after dark. Question – is there any precedence for Disney controlling access to one LAND in a park due to overcrowding?

    • Disney, I’m not sure if there is precedence. It happened at Universal when Potter opened. There is a limit on how many guests can enter an area based on Fire Marshall survey, so I’m playing it safe. Guaranteeing myself day and night for my family from out of town and me.

What do you think?

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