BB8 begins meeting guests at Walt Disney World

BB8 begins meeting guests at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World had promised that BB8 would be available for meet and greets at the upcoming Star Wars Galactic Nights as a part of the Star Wars Celebration this week.  He began meeting guests ahead of schedule with a soft opening this weekend.

BB8 is found inside Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios and meets guests throughout the day.  I’ve added him to my Character Locator and will work on adding him to plans this week as well.

He sits upon a pedestal.  His head moves.  He makes beep, boop and buzz sounds, but does not roll around.  The lines have been quite healthy since he is new, so you may wish to visit first thing in the morning or late at night.  Photopass is on hand but obviously, he doesn’t autograph.

Photo credit:  Grace member of KtP Crew

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  1. Is BB8 sticking around after the Star Wars Celebration, or is this just a limited time only opportunity?

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