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First look at Pandora Fastpass+ Tiers and Animal Kingdom park hours extended

First look at Pandora Fastpass+ Tiers and Animal Kingdom park hours extended

Those who logged into My Disney Experience at 6:50am were able to find that the Fastpass+ were already added to the system and found that Animal Kingdom park hours were extended.  

Fastpass+ Tiers

You’ll notice that beginning May 27, 2017, Animal Kingdom will separate its attractions by Tiers.  Tier One will be Avatar Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey.  Tier Two are all remaining attractions.  You may only book 1 Tier One attraction PER DAY.

You then choose 2 Tier Two Fastpass+ per day.  (If you don’t want a Tier One Pandora attraction, you may choose 3 of the Tier Two attractions).  Once you’ve used all 3 Fastpass+, you can book ANY Fastpass+ that is available in the system.

First look at Pandora Fastpass+ Tiers and Animal Kingdom park hours extended

I would book one Avatar Fastpass and then ride the other attraction at park opening or in the Late Extra Magic Hours.  The Avatar Flight of Passage attraction is like Soarin’ with a 44″ height requirement and it will have FOUR theaters.  Navi River Journey is a boat attraction like it’s a small world or Pirates of the Caribbean.

You’ll want to see Pandora after dark as well as everything will come to life in bright, vibrant light!

Animal Kingdom Park Hours Extended

In addition to seeing the new Tier System, I noticed that the park hours were extended from May 27 through July 4, 2017.  Rivers of Light is also offering an extra show nightly.  You’ll find all the updates on my Crowd Calendars.  Disney HAS officially added the Nightly Late Extra Magic Hours that you’ll find on my Crowd Calendars, but that announcement should be coming shortly!

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  1. Do you still need to go to the Kiosks after you’ve used 3 FP+? Or can you add additional ones on your MDE app via iphone. Last time i was there (feb 2016) we had to wait on a Kiosk line to get 4th, 5th, 6th FP+ etc.

  2. I have to wait until March 29th to book my fastpasses for May 28. Totally blows that I have to wait for the 60 day mark when it seems like people have already booked fastpasses for the 27th already!!

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised it is just the two Pandora rides on Tier 1. Really hope they extend the nighttime hours into August. I’d love to experience this at night. We had planned on two AK visits anyway, so fingers crossed I can get both.

  4. Any rumors/thoughts on if the extended hours will continue into the summer? We arrive on the fourth and stay the following week, would love to take advantage of late night hours in Pandora.

  5. Seems it’s possible to book both rides for the same day, but you can only book each one once each day…? Plenty of people seem to be getting both reserved for the same day, according to other WDW forums. Not that we can book them until July….!

  6. Yes you can. You can choose 3 attractions in the “other” category eith the classic AK attractions. I did it this morning!

  7. You said that you can only fast pass one of the pandora rides per day. Sorry if stupid question, so even after you use all your 3 fast passes for the day and you can get one more at at time, you still can. It fastlass the other avatar ride?

  8. What about people who have no interest in Pandora (didn’t like the movie, think it doesn’t fit in AK, etc.), will those people have the option of selecting three tier two attractions? I hated to see Fastpass+ go to waste by forcing people to select one of the Avatar attractions to fulfill their initial three FP+ in one park requirement.

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