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Disneyland guests no longer allowed to save seating for the parades

Disneyland guests no longer allowed to save seating for the parades

Over the last few years, Guests have saved spots along the parade route for up to 4 hours before an evening parade even began.  It was creating operational issues with the Cast Members attempting to establish tape and rope barriers, so Disneyland has implemented a new policy concerning holding parade spots.

Effective immediately, Guests will now have to wait until all barriers are in place before finding a viewing location for the parades.  This usually takes place 30 to 60 minutes prior to parade time.

The goal is to keep the walking pathyways clear, allow Guests to move about without having to step on or over blankets and allow the Cast Members to more freely do their job in establishing the parade safety barriers.

Parade Viewing update for Disneyland Park
“For the safety and comfort of all Guests, Guests will be asked to wait to find their seats for the Main Street Electrical Parade until after Guest Show Operations has completed setting up the viewing areas along the parade route. Additionally, Guests will be asked not to save seats for party members who are not present.”

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  1. I think its a good idea I hope it gets enforced it is so sad going there an hr before the parade and there is no spots. I am there when the ropes go up and the benches are all taken. I need to sit because of my knees and can never find a spot.

  2. Now people will just be standing around and be in the way. It will cause people to run to get their spot. Dont think this will last. I also dont like the way it is now. Not sure what the best thing would be

  3. I think this is a great idea! I remember when my son was little, we would sit down an hour or so before the parade and get a snack. It was good down time. People were polite and friendly, everyone would chat and noah would toddle around in front of us with other small children. I have the cutest picture of him walking up and down with a tigger balloon like he thinks he is the reason everyone is there for, all of the sudden a little girl runs from the other side of the street, grabs him and plants a kiss. It just isn’t like that anymore, people take up more room than they need and they are so territorial about their “spot”. No more friendly conversations, just tired angry people ready to throw down over a piece of sidewalk.

  4. I think it is a good thing, I hate when all the benches are full know where to sit. My legs get tired and my back hurts . I have to sit or my legs give out. It not the cast members that do the changes it is Disneyland. The cast members are only doing there jobs . If they have a problem with the changes they need to go to the head office of Disneyland. The cast members are only doing there jobs, people should not take it out on them . The cast members are only looking out for the safety of the guests.

  5. Brilliant idea, that is long overdue. I totally agree with Tracey, and there is usually one person saving spaces over a huge area for hours on end, and this is across most parades.

  6. There isn’t enough room on Main Street now with all the crowds so I think this is a great idea. It makes it very hard to get around Main Street and enjoy it.

  7. When we went a lady yelled at my daughter & I for standing on the corner of her blanket as we tried to get through (mind you, the blanket is already on ‘the ground’), we couldn’t move, and there were empty prams lining the whole of Main Street. We are from Australia and we arrived an hour before the night time parade & thought that would be early enough, there were no spots! I think this is a good idea.

  8. I-I-I’m okay with this. We were just at Disneyland on Monday, and while advance parade seating and seat-saving has always been a part of parades, the congestion and pedestrian traffic hazards caused by the newly returned Main Street Electrical Parade is insane. While people also “squat and save” for Fantasmic! (when it isn’t closed for Star Wars Land construction), at least there is more of a separated area; for MSEP, it’s literally blocking access to the rest of the park.

  9. I think it is great. Its a safety hazard. Disneyland isn’t a lawn concert. The cast members struggle to get the ropes up, and not all people respond in a Disney way. This also keeps Grandma with the family instead of a pylon.

  10. I can see that blankets on the ground would be a tripping hazard, so it makes sense to disallow them before the ropes/tape are in place. However, I have sat on the curb to eat a snack, not waiting for a parade, but because there was nowhere else to sit. I hope they don’t prohibit people from sitting on the curb before the barriers are in place.

  11. I think that’s going to go over like a lead balloon. I can’t imagine CMs being rude to anyone wanting to sit on the sidewalk at any time…..

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