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Disney World ticket price increase and more confusing options coming

Annual Disney World Ticket Price Increases coming very soon

From what I was told, Disney World may create its annual ticket price increases beginning tomorrow, February 12, 2017 and add a couple of new options that are somewhat confusing.

NOTE:  None of this information is offiicial until announced by Disney themselves or seeing the information on the Disney World website.

The expiring, yet non-expiring ticket

All tickets purchased from February 12, 2017 onward will expire December 31, 2018 with an odd exception being added.

UPDATE:  “All tickets purchased from February 12, 2017 through the end of the year will expire December 31, 2018. Any UNUSED ticket that does expire may be applied toward the purchase of a new ticket of equal or greater value.
There will not be an option to roll over partially USED tickets to future trips. Those tickets will continue to expire completely 14 days after first usage.”

Elimination of the “Water Parks Fun and More” option

With the new “Park Hopper Plus” ticket, you’ll no longer be able to purchase the Water Parks option for your ticket without also purchasing a Park Hopper option bundled together.

You will be able to purchase the Park Hopper as a stand alone option, but to have use of the Water Parks option without purchasing a stand alone ticket or Annual Pass, you’ll be required to purchase the more expensive “Park Hopper Plus” option.

Tickets purchased at theme park ticket window will cost more.

If you walk up to a theme park window, which you wouldn’t if you’re reading this article, you would pay a higher price than guests who purchase the same ticket from Disney’s online site, app, resorts etc.  I suppose it’s seen as a way of penalizing guests who wait to the last possible minute to purchase tickets.

Advance purchase of a 3 to 10 day ticket from Disney online will cost $20 less than theme park ticket windows.

The Orlando Sentinel also stated – Starting Sunday, “value” days for the Magic Kingdom will cost $107 for adults and $101 for children. That represents a $2 increase from the previous prices.

During the “regular” times, park visitors will pay $5 more with prices jumping from $115 for adults to $109 for children. The “peak” prices will remain the same at $124 for adults and $118 for children.  Source

Gold Annual Pass will increase $10 per year.  Platinum Annual Pass will increase $30 per year

Preferred parking will also increase from $35 to $40.  No word on any increase in regular parking rates for offsite guests.  Onsite guests receive free parking.

More information on ticket pricing and Annual Pass pricing should be known by tomorrow.


  1. If I have purchased a 6 day park hopper with water park option, will this change effect my ability to add extra days once there? how much would it be to add the extra day to this type of pass once we are already using them? thanks!

  2. Kenny, I am going to suggest that you update this post to add link to the updated information you posted today. People could be very disappointed if they follow the info in this post. I would put the link and a little information at the very top of this post.

  3. was planning on buying tickets for our May trip this weekend anyways, but wondering if I should go ahead and purchase tonight… We are buying 4- 7 day hoppers for adults, 1- 7 day kids hopper, and 2- 5 day adult hoppers. Are the multi-day hoppers increasing enough to offset the $20 online purchase discount?

  4. The website is CURRENTLY showing an expiry date of Dec. 31, 2017, so I’d be careful with any purchases from their website tonight.

  5. SO I bought 5 years of tickets last year right before the increase and I basically put them in my safe. Would I be better adding those to mydisneyexperience for safe keeping? Also, I have 8 days remaining on some old non-expiring tickets…should I add those as well? I’m afraid they might accidentally get used when I don’t want them used. Thanks for any thoughts.

  6. I bought a 6-day UT ticket in November and am interested in upgrading to a 10 day with WP in June. Do you think that the upgrade will count as a 2017 purchase? We would have 2-3 days left and that would be a phenomenal savings for a future 7-day ticket.

  7. I’m about to purchase tickets and will need to purchase today! I am also curious about Meg Mayo’s question about when the second ticket would expire….could we keep doing this indefinitely? Or is it a one time? If you find out it will definitely help my decision. Will keep watching.

    • Haven’t received a definitive answer on the expiration on the exchange date for the 2nd time use. It’s all very confusing at the moment

  8. The non-expiring option is strange. If you can’t have them until you buy another pass at the ticket booth, you can’t use it to get fast passes. Why would you do this option?

    • You buy 10 days. Use, say 7, then have 3 left. You only pay for the difference between the 3 remaining days and any additional days you buy. You’ll save a ton on your second trip that way.

  9. The extra day option would be great for me. I visit during the summer with family and then do a long weekend for Wine and Dine as a girls trip. Not enough for an annual ticket, so I’m excited to see what this hammers out to be.

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