Home Disney World Walt Disney World ticket and annual pass prices for 2017

Walt Disney World ticket and annual pass prices for 2017

Annual Disney World Ticket Price Increases coming very soon

Walt Disney World has changed its prices and pricing structure for some passes for purchases for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year.  There now 3 ticket options:  the Base or One Park Per Day, the Park Hopper and the Park Hopper Plus.  Park Hopper Plus allows guests to visit Water Parks in addition to Park Hopping.  Here’s the full list.  Feel free to share the post on Facebook or pin the images on Pinterest.

Add 6.5% tax to all purchase prices!

Walt Disney World Annual Pass Prices 2017

Walt Disney World Water Park Prices 2017


  1. I also just noticed that adding the park hopper option to a multiple day ticket is now $75/person which is more than it currently is. I guess there’s no surprise there but unfortunate.

  2. I’m disappointed to see that there is no longer an option to purchase tickets with the Water Park option only. We travel in September and the parks close early compared to many other times of the year. I’ve looked into purchasing the park hopper option but it just doesn’t make sense for our family, especially when the Magic Kingdom closes at 7pm 4/8 nights we’re there for Halloween parties.

  3. Disney’s websites once again work to confound us. After logging into the DVC website and navigating over to the Disneypark website, you must again log in with the same criteria to see the DVC prices.

    DVC kept the same discounts as before, the price was raised accordingly.

  4. For the annual pass prices, are these the regular rates or Florida resident rates? I think it’s the non-Florida resident ones but wanted to confirm.

  5. Kenny,

    I have a question about the October pricing. How come the weekend after Columbus day is listed as peak pricing instead of Columbus weekend? Wouldn’t you expect Columbus weekend to be the busier weekend? I am planning my families October trip and trying to schedule around the crowds.

  6. I’m online now looking at AP prices….on the list page the prices match your chart. But when I select one the prices (before tax) are: Platinum Plus $869 and Platinum $779 For “all guests”. Your prices match the FL resident prices. Just looking to confirm this vs website error?

  7. Prices for Disney are just out of control. I live in the northeast and drive to Florida. As a teen, my family went multiple times. Now as a middle class family can’t afford to go more often. Went July 2016 with family. Won’t be able to return anytime soon.
    Disney raises prices, and had made many cuts to parades, etc. Way to much for us, and we are only a family of three. How do larger families do it? Our friend and her family live near Disney, and also complain about prices, and they have annual passes. Disney is no longer a reasonable trip! I could go to Europe cheaper than Disney!

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