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“Express” Transportation services coming to Walt Disney World for a fee

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UPDATED BELOW:  In an effort to compete with ride services like Uber and Lyft, Walt Disney World will soon begin testing a new “Express” transportation service for its guests for an additional fee.

This new “Express” transportation option is said to use shuttle vans or buses that run between theme parks.  Buses will pick you up from the locations listed at the bottom of the post.

You’ll be escorted backstage where the bus will pick you up and take you to the next park of your choice.  When using this special service, you would not need to check through security a second time, nor stand in line for regular Disney buses.  By picking you up and dropping you off backstage, you are supposed to see a faster transfer time to your next park.

The new Express transportation service will cost $15 per person for  a single day use or $24 for a multiple day option.  A park hopper ticket will be required to use this service.  A family of four would spend $96 for multi-day park-to-park transportation.

I was told the initial test will not involve transportation to the resorts (which is where Uber makes most of its money), but could expand to that option at a later time if the test is deemed successful.

The new Express transportation option is scheduled to begin December 7, 2016 and will be available from 10:00am to park closings.

The following info was found on Disboards.com posted by user yullin3:

How does it work?

Express Transportation is a new transportation option that provides Guests with faster access when traveling between the theme parks. After initial entry into a theme park, Guests can board a Disney bus which will take them directly to another theme park.  By traveling between backstage location, Guests can spend even more time experiencing the magic inside the theme parks.

How can Guests get Express Transportation?

Guests may add this option at Vacation Planning and Guest Relation locations throughout property as well as at the new Express Transportation kiosks in the four theme parks. For single-day service, Express Transportation can be added onto a Park Hopper ticket for $15 per person. For multi-day service, it is $24 per person.

Where will Express Transportation pick up and drop off Guests?

Magic Kingdom:   near the exit of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland
Epcot:  East of Spaceship Earth o Backstage location
Disney’s Hollywood Studios:  Adjacent to the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Courtyard
Disney’s Animal Kingdom:   Near Kilimanjaro Safaris entrance

How often will Guests be picked up and when will it start and stop each day?

Guests will be picked up every 30 minutes. Service will begin each day at 10:00am Service will conclude at park close each night.

Will Guests be in backstage areas by themselves?

No. Whenever stepping into a backstage area, Guests will be escorted by a Guest Relations Cast Member. Similar to the way we currently operate our VIP Tour Services and other experiences, Express Transportation will allow Guests limited access backstage with an escort. This includes no Guest photography in backstage areas.

Is this service available for Cast Members with Main Entrance Passes and Annual Passholders?

Cast Members and Annual Passholders may purchase the $15 single-day option or the multi-day service for $24 (valid for seven consecutive days from day of sale)

What do you think of this new transportation option?


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  1. Sorry I just read how you purchase these. It sounds like a Great option. I hope they have it soon for Resort to Resort. The day we come in we are eating dinner at another resort.

  2. I have a question? we plan on buying this on our upcoming trip in May my question is how do you go by purchasing this. Should I call a cast member now and add it to our package? Or wait until we check in at AOA? Or do you purchase this at the parks Main entrance? Sorry if this question has already been answered. Thank You :)

  3. Is it every hour and half hour schedule ? I am an AP and just purchased the multi day. Didn’t use it today thought as we checked in today and only did one park and the Christmas party.

  4. Although not initially on board (see what I did there? ), if doing this will spare us from waiting in a potentially similar line for transportation OUTSIDE the park gate AND save us from having to go thru security again, I will plan on our family of 4 to use it when we visit during the 10/10 crowd days at the end of December…

    Has anyone USED it yet? How fast is it? How crowded is it?

  5. If I read this correctly we will be charged a required fee for our park hopper even though we don’t plan on hopping between the parks in this manner. We are AP staying on property we’ll be going to one park in the AM and then another after dinner. Our guests are not AP but will be purchasing park hoppers.

    • You must have a park hopper or annual pass to use this service, then you pay the $15 one time or $24 7 day extra fee for this service.

  6. As an uber driver (not in Orlando), I kind of think it sucks if Disney were really doing this to compete with ridesharing. It takes nothing out of Disney’s pocket for guests to use those services and helps to alleviate congestion on buses and in the parking lots. (Also not sure it is actually a savings for anyone. Uber from Epcot to ASM was only estimated at $6 for up to 4 passengers.)

    Hopefully this is actually a plan to help fix the current bus situation. I also really hope that the service won’t get even worse for those people who don’t pay for the upgraded service…

    I’m also a little frustrated that the multi day option isn’t available to annual pass holders. If you are staying on property for a week, why should an AP be punished? That’s a little bit of weird logic there.

    Overall, it sounds like a neat idea and I hope that it all works out as intended.

  7. Does anyone know if the buses will travel directly from one park to another or will it make multiple stops (one at each park), circuit-style?

  8. LOL, Uber and Lyft are not “lightening” anything! All they’re doing is adding more traffic around the complex. It’s far more efficient to use more buses than individual taxi services.

  9. As an annual passholder and DVC member, I’m not spending $15 per day for this service. If my family is staying for 5-10 days in a row and have the opportunity to buy the multi-day option during this period, I can see the value.

  10. That’s a good point. I’m curious to see how this will play out. We’ll be there 12/10-12/17 w/Park Hopper tickets and I’m strongly considering it at that price point.

  11. I don’t think this is a way to compete with Uber or Lyft. This is really a way for people to move easily between parks, and avoid spending extra time going through the main gates and security. Disney should be pleased that guests willing to pay Uber and Lyft are lightening the load on the bus service, boats, and monorail.

  12. This is awesome for solo travelers that hop alot… or even just couples. It would be pricy for a family though. I would absolutely pay that just to avoid the pain of security and long lines at the entrances. Only question…. “multi-day”? Is there a limit on how many days?

  13. I’m willing to consider this and the price point is great! Might be something to consider if I add park hoppers to our next trip.

  14. I think Disney needs to fix their current transportation problems, I had trouble with busses, boats and monorail last month with many long waits. Although if the point is to make people not use the free transportation and pay them for what used to be included I guess they are succeeding.

  15. Getting less and less for your ticket money every year at Disney
    Universal studios will be rubbing thier hands as disney is trying to bleed people dry and they look for alternatives like we did this year

  16. I just got back from DisneyWorld yesterday. We used Lyft several times because using the buses was too much of a pain and waste of park time, as well as unpredictable. I would have paid for this service, but they need to include resort to resort, which is the biggest problem. WHY does the MONORAIL not run before 8:30?? In my opinion, if they offer reservations at 7am at a resort, the bus should not be the only option to get there. I actually canxed several early reservations because getting there was too much of a logistics nightmare.
    My biggest pain this trip was that, and wait times for characters that were WAY off. Posted times of 20 minutes, where we waited for an hour or longer. This was our 4th trip. I do feel the magic is slowly vanishing due to cutbacks in all the wrong places, replaced by ways they can make more money. Fix what is broken Disney.

  17. With park and entertainment schedules changing right up until trip dates, it makes it harder and harder to plan a trip that would not need something like this….. I could see a use for it if your hard to get ADRs made 180 days out conflict with updated hours at the last minute. I would only use it if absolutely necessary to fit some things in last minute.

  18. Disney must pay someone an awful large amount of money to sit at a desk and think of more ways to bleed money out of people on top of the insane ticket prices. How bout devoting that effort and funds to supplying more buses so that people don’t have to wait 40 mins to catch a bus that they might not even get on since it’s full.

  19. I would happily pay this amount if it was just me. However, since there are five of us the $120.00 price tag would be a little ridiculous.

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