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RUMOR: Dr. Strange experience being cut from Hollywood Studios

Dr. Strange experience being cut from Hollywood Studios

I just received a message from a Cast Member friend who notified me that the Dr. Strange interactive experience that has appeared in Hollywood Studios over the last month or so will be eliminated.

The show/meet opportunity allowed for a few children per show to be selected to join Dr. Strange for a demonstration of his magical prowess.  The magic book would assist him in choosing children, then there were a couple of simple tricks.

After the magic tricks, the children who participated, and only those children would be allowed to take a photo with Dr. Strange.  Photopass was on hand to take photos.  Each child was then given a special medallion as a token reminder of the experience.

How to participate in Dr Strange Interactive Show at Disney's Hollywood Studios

There’s no official word from Disney, or printed materials that prove it at this point, but I was informed that today December 2, 2016 would be Dr. Strange’s final day of performances at Hollywood Studios.  From what I was told, he will not offer meet and greets in the future in the park on a regular basis either.  The experience popped up without fanfare and should go away in a similar manner it appears.


  1. We did this experience before it was removed. We loved it! The show was entertaining and interactive. Our 9 year old daughter loved it and still recalls it as one of her favorite experiences at Disney World. Very disappointed that it was removed.

    • We currently have Guardians of the Galaxy. I read that Dr. Strange will be on the Marvel Day at Sea on the Disney Cruise Line though.

  2. My three kids were able to participate in the 10:30 show on 11/29. It was listed in the Times Guide, but was in an out of the way area of the park. I was hoping for something closer to the Jedi Training experience, but it moved along very slowly and there was not that much to see for a 30 minute show. After seeing the show, I told my wife that I would not be surprised if it did not last much longer.

  3. sounds like it was like Thor in Disney Land, and I loved that meet an greet they should take what they did with Thor and put dr strange in a way like that. Maybe they also need to put him some where else. As Hollywood studios is becoming a blah place and many ppl are avoiding it if they can. Fromw hat I am reading.

  4. Has this been confirmed now? I was just wondering about this Dr. Strange thing and would try to fit him in when we’re there in a couple weeks, but I’ll change our trip notes if he’s gone for sure. More time to try for Moana and Chewbacca.

  5. Disney should had been never using this mediocre looking experience, hope characters from Marvel’s next cinematic universe film, Guardians Vol. 2 will have a better character experience. Thank the cast member, they’re really nice.

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