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Rivers of Light to continue with additional Cast Member previews

Rivers of Light Cast Member Previews coming soon!

The recent test of Rivers of Light left most people saying it was a technical marvel and had some beautiful scenes, but overall felt flat, and lacked a cohesive storyline and the magic that Disney usually delivers.  Animal Kingdom has added additional days of testing to get additional opinions.  Could they have made adjustments?

A friend had told me a couple days ago that additional scheduling was taking place, but I didn’t want to post that until I felt someone had confirmation.  Orlando Park News just posted a more official announcement of additional Cast Member previews.

The previews are scheduled to take place on December 5th and 6th at 8:30pm each night.  Cast Members should speak to their lead to see if tickets are available for them.  Cast Members will be allowed to bring themselves and the number of Guests on their Main Entrance Pass.  Ticket availability is limited and is on a first come, first served basis.

There will be no photography or video recording allowed at the event.


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  1. I just saw on “Another” Blog that this has been delayed further until Summer of 2017. Well, by the time we return in a couple of years, maybe it will be perfected….

  2. Any CMs want a +1 or +3 for their preview buddy? I am happy to offer me and my family as beta testers since we will be there those nights!

  3. Is there a possibility you’ll be able to go again (if you want to) to compare what you saw last week to now? Wonder if they’ve made any improvements. So far reactions have been underwhelming at best.

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