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VIDEO: NEW Beauty and the Beast Trailer released

New Beauty and the Beast Trailer

Disney has just released a new 2 minute trailer for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast live action movie. Here it is:


  1. Hi. I tried on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac…all three still give me that message. I even went into WordPress to look at settings and it shows your blog there and that I’m following.

    I tried a different email address so we will see. I truly appreciate the time you’ve spent helping to correct the issue but no worries, if it doesn’t work I will continue checking daily. The blog is too good to miss

  2. Thank you. I just tried again and get the same message about “this email opted out of subscription emails”…but I haven’t. I’d love to try the Facebook option but I don’t do Facebook.

    I’m a character locator subscriber and love your blog. It helped tremendously when we were there in September. I’ll just keep checking the blog daily.

    Thanks so much.

    • Until I can get this silliness figured out, could you just set my little site as your homepage and check for all the new goodies each day?

      • Of course! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond while you’re enjoying my favorite place ever! Enjoy the rest of your time and thank you again.

      • I found a plugin that was hindering my ability to publicize to my social media accounts directly. Maybe that was creating the issues with the email? Want to try once more (on different devices if necessary) to see if it will work for me?

  3. I’m so excited! I think it looks great! I have a slight issue…I’ve stopped receiving blog updates but never manually stopped them, I’ve checked my wordpress settings and they appear fine. Please help.

    Thank you!

    • I had to repair some things. Try signing up again and see if it fixes the issue. Another great option is to “See First” on my Facebook page

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