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Worldwide Wednesday: Halloween Time trip report including Cheshire Cat Meet and Greet!

Worldwide Wednesday:  Halloween Time trip report including Cheshire Cat Meet and Greet!

It’s October and that means only one thing: HALLOWEEN IS HERE!

Just like Walt Disney World and Disneyland, Halloween is being celebrated at Disneyland Paris, but the big difference is that there is a lot of Halloween entertainment during the daytime at Disneyland Paris. Like every year EuroRob decided to travel to the Resort and experience all.


Here is his story:

Waking up at 1.30 am and driving to France at 2.30 am isn’t really my thing, but if you want to experience a full day of Disney Magic you have to do it and so I jumped into the car and went my way. Arriving at 7.45 am at the parking lot meant I could park all the way in the front which saved me some walking.

It was a quiet day so I had time enough to do all the stuff I was planning on doing and more! At 8 am the Disneyland Park opens for the Extra magic Hours for Hotel Guests and Annual Passholders which gives time to discover parts of the Park and visit some attractions.

Walking through the entrance I immediately felt the Halloween vibe coming my way with the Main Street USA Station decorated for the season.


Passing underneath the train station and entering Main Street USA Halloween is everywhere. Main Street USA is decorated for the season with pumpkins, ribbons and the ghosts of the Main Street Citizens are at every corner.





Since the first Halloween activity for me started at 10.30 am, I decided to take some time walking around, taking photos and doing some attractions. By the time the Park opened to day guests at 10 am I had done Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

Just before the Park opened to everyone I decided to head over to Fantasyland and wait around for Maleficent to start her meet’n’greet at 10.30 am. Maleficent is a new costume this year at Disneyland Paris so I had to meet her. She meets right behind the castle in the courtyard that has been taken over by a huge thorn dragon.



After meeting the queen of evil, I headed over to the back of Fantasyland to meet a very special character. He has only done meet’n’greets during one of the past Halloween Soirees and during special brunches at the Disneyland Hotel, but is now doing meet’n’greets every day during the Halloween Season. It’s Cheshire Cat! The cool thing about him is that you can only meet him at Disneyland Paris.


After meeting the Cheshire Cat I headed over to the Parade Route, because the Mickey’s Halloween Celebration was about to start. Mickey’s Halloween Celebration is a special Halloween Cavalcade that takes place 3 times a day.

The cavalcade consists of 3 floats featuring Mickey, Minnie, Chip’n’Dale, Clarice, Donald, Scrooge, Daisy but also the Three Little Pigs, Clarabelle, Horace and Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-5 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-6 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-7 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-8 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-9 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-10 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-11 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-12 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-13 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-14 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-15 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-16 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-17 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-18 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-19 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-20

Around the floats are many dancers and also the characters from Winnie the Pooh are featured.

After the cavalcade it was time to have some lunch which I decided to do in Adventureland. I walked by the set location for Jafar and the queue was really short so decided to jump in it and meet him. Although he isn’t uncommon here in Disneyland Paris it’s a fun character to meet and he had Iago with him.

halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-3 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-4

After meeting Jafar and having lunch I walked over to Pirates of the Caribbean, which is still one of my favourite attractions, and saw that Captain Hook was doing a meet’n’greet and had almost no queue so the Character fan in me rushed me over there and met the captain.


Time flies when you are having fun and after doing a couple of attractions I noticed that it was almost 3 pm so I rushed over to the Castle Stage near the Castle (makes sense right?) for the It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains! Show/Meet’n’Greet.


It starts with the Disney Villains entering the stage and performing a small show. There are 2 different shows with one starring the Snow Queen and the other starting Cruella, but both feature also other villains.

halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-22 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-23 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-24 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-25 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-26 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-27

The villains do a short meet’n’greet after each show. The villains that are available for meet’n’greet are: Snow Queen, Snow Witch, Cruella, The Tremaine Family, Gaston, Queen of Hearts, Frollo, Captain Hook and Dr Facilier.

After seeing the Disney Villains do their thing I decided to hop over to the Walt Disney Studios. At the Studios Halloween isn’t celebrated, but since July this year it has a new show which is one of the best at Disneyland Paris in a long time. At the AniMagique Theater the show Mickey and the Magician is playing.

In this show Mickey is trying to become a magician and learns what it takes by getting visits from some Disney friends which include Rafiki, Fairy Godmother, Genie, Elsa and others.

The show features live singers and it’s also the very first time that the articulated Mickey is making an appearance at Disneyland Paris. It’s a really great show fully of fun and magic!

halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-28 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-29 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-30 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-32 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-33 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-34 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-35 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-36

After the show I went over to Ratatouille: The Adventure. This trackless attraction takes you on a journey with Remy and friends and it’s just good fun. After walking around a bit I decided to hop over back to the Disneyland Park and do some more attractions.

I didn’t do all the Halloween meet’n’greets this year as I have met most of them already the past years, but to give you an idea of the characters that are available during the Halloween season here are some photos from the previous 2 years. The characters on the photos are also doing meet’n’greets this year.

halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-37 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-39 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-40 halloween-time-at-disneyland-paris-41

Minnie is doing her meet’n’greets this year together with Mickey in Frontierland. Daisy has taken her place rotating with Stitch near Casey’s Corner in Main Street USA. Stitch is doing the morning shift as Daisy is in the Halloween Cavalcade and she takes over in the afternoon.

Jack Skellington has also returned once again this year doing meet’n’greets near Phantom Manor in Frontierland and the Queen of Hearts is meeting guests near the Labyrinth in Fantasyland. Near the Tea Cups Goofy is meeting guests in his Candy outfit and in Main Street near Town Square guests can meet Marie. She is wearing an orange bow instead of the pink one for the Halloween season.


Although not a lot has changed this year for the Halloween Season I still had a lot of fun and it was cool meeting the Cheshire Cat again as he is a rare and really cool character. Up next is the Christmas Season starting in November with an expanded Christmas Parade and Moana starting doing meet’n’greets.

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Friday 14th of October 2016

Thanks for the article! We'll be there on Nov 2 - the last day of Halloween - and can't wait to meet these characters!!


Thursday 6th of October 2016

Thanks for the post! We are going to Disneyland Paris at the end of the month and this helps to know which characters we can expect to see. Any advice about where to buy the least expensive entrance tickets? It's been hard to find good tips and tricks for Disneyland Paris:) Thanks!


Thursday 6th of October 2016

I just bought mine at Disneyland Paris website as I'm foreign and didn't want to get ripped off.

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