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Review: Mako the HyperCoaster opens in Orlando

Mako the Hypercoaster debuts at SeaWorld Orlando

Thrill rides in Orlando, Florida just moved into Hyperspace.  For the first time in Orlando a roller coaster exceeding 200 feet tall and 73 miles per hour has come to the thrill capital of Florida.  Here’s what I thought about the ride:

WOW!  It’s rare that I use hyperbole in providing reviews, but Mako at SeaWorld Orlando is my kind of roller coaster.  It’s huge, it’s fast and it offers air time, lots of air time.  My favorite coasters have always been the ones that give you the feeling of weightlessness and Mako fits the bill exactly.   I’ve ridden some of the biggest and fastest coasters in America at Cedar Point.  It feels like a scaled down version of Millenium Force, which weighs in at 310 feet and 93mph.  Of course, nothing touches Top Thrill Dragster at 420 feet and 120mph for my experiences, but Mako is a great coaster!

Mako (8)

I recently visited the park while the ride was doing public soft openings and was able to experience the ride 4 times in a single day.  The first two rides were in the the front row and the next two were in the middle to back areas.

Mako (36)

The front was fun for the feeling of speed.  Nothing is hindering the wind blowing through your hair.  You can see where you’re destination, before you get there and it just feels faster in the front.

NOTE:  Lockers are located at the entrance and cost me $1.00 for usage.  There are really small storage bins available at the ride for glasses and hats.  You are given the option to wear your glasses (you could lose them) or leave them in the bin.  Hats and other loose articles aren’t permitted on the ride.  Don’t be the guy who tries to record the ride on your cell phone  and either smacks someone in the face or loses it in the lagoon.  Show your friends this video instead.

The middle and rear are MUCH better for air time!  The ride uses a lap restraint system that pulls down to press upon your legs and lap, so you’ll literally lift out of your seat on each of Mako’s hills.  Mako offered at least 8 camelback hills with only a couple of turns.  There are no upside down moments.  The coaster is about speed and flight as the name of the shark would presume.  It delivers very well on those precepts.

Mako (44)

The only thing that was underwhelming is the queue line.  It’s overall pretty boring with just the feeling of a dock.  It doesn’t really sell “shark” until you reach the large TV near the loading area.  The loading area itself is pretty cool with the the projections of sharks swimming overhead though.

For non-riders and an after ride experience, you might check out the great shark reef area.

The ride weighs in as the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Orlando.  The ride lasts almost 3 minutes, which is quite impressive for a roller coaster.

Coaster Train Specs

Mako will have 3 coaster trains with 7 cars per train and each train will carry 28 riders. Each coaster train weighs 21,418 lbs.

Mako_Icon_Numbers1_41x41  Custom Fiberglass Lead Car – Inspired by the physiology of an actual mako shark.

Mako_Icon_Numbers2_41x41 Central Beam – Provides a smooth surface for the pneumatic brakes and houses the mechanisms that attach the coaster car to the lift chain on the ride’s initial climb.

Mako_Icon_Numbers3_41x41 Wheels – Comprised of a special polyurethane compound that reduces friction, providing a smooth, relentlessly fast ride from beginning to end.

Mako_Icon_Numbers4_41x41Magnetic Brakes – Activated by interaction between metal plates under the car’s frame and stationary magnets on the ride track.

Mako_Icon_Numbers5_41x41 Rider Lap Guard – Keeps riders secure while providing complete upper-body mobility for a thrilling ride.

Mako_Icon_Numbers6_41x41 Rider Seat – Designed with padded bucket seats for rider’s comfort and safety.


Mako Ride Facts:

  • Height:  200 feet
  • Speed:  73mph
  • Length:  4760 feet
  • How tall do you need to be to ride?  54″

The actual public grand opening is tomorrow, June 10, 2016.


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  1. I am a pear shaped woman (larger hips and thighs than stomach) and I could not fit the lap restraint. As a size guide, I wear a size 16-18 in pants. This ride requires a certain hip circumference or less. It doesn’t matter if you are top heavy; only if your legs are too wide for the seat.

  2. How are the seats for “Pooh” size people? Worried about US and SW. Went on Kraken in March and was fine though I did have to sit in one of the oversized seats. I’m 6′ 300# mostly in the belly. I’m a big guy but not fluffy as Gabriel Iglesias would say. Never had any problems on rides until Six Flags New England last year. Tried a new roller coaster that had overhead restraint. I slammed it into place but the computer wouldn’t accept it. My chest and shoulders aren’t that big. Hoping that US and Mako aren’t as restrictive. Thanks.

    • Can’t tell you if it would fit you without you trying the test car. It uses a lap restraint system only though.

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