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Questions and answers concerning Jungle Book, Safaris and Everest Fastpass+ with later operating hours


Animal Kingdom is opening several new experiences this weekend and there’s some confusion about operating hours and Fastpass+ availability.  Here’s some details I’ve been able to discover.

What’s going on with Expedition Everest Fastpass+?

Expedition Everest doesn’t appear to offer Fastpass+ beyond the 7:30-8:30pm time slot.  Some have stated that the ride may close for 20 to 30 minutes during each showing of Jungle Book: Alive with Magic only to reopen later.  Jungle Book shows take place at 9:00pm and 10:30pm nightly.

Why can’t I find Fastpass+ for Kilimanjaro Safaris later into the evening?

Kilimanjaro Safaris does offer Fastpass+ as late as 9:30pm for the after dark experience.  It is not listed any differently, just Kilimanjaro Safaris, no mention of after dark or sunset.  It’s up to you to choose a time that is after sunset.  In order to make that easier to determine, I’ve added sunset times to my Crowd Calendars beginning Memorial Weekend.  If you cannot find a late Fastpass+, it’s because they are gone.  You’ll still be able to use the regular queue line and can keep trying to find Fastpass+.

Why can’t I find Fastpass+ for Jungle Book: Alive with Magic?

Answer is pretty simple:  All Fastpass+ for your date are already distributed.  You might consider one of the dining packages to be guaranteed a seat with no waiting.  Stand by guests are supposed to be allowed seating as well, but seating will be limited, so arrive really early.  For Disney World veterans, think of it as Fantasmic! a few years ago when people lined up 1 hour or more early for the first show.

What time does Jungle Book suggest arriving with a Fastpass+?

It’s always 35 minutes before a show begins until 15 minutes before the show, so 8:25-8:45 for 9:00pm show and 9:55-10:15pm for 10:30pm show.  I would suggest arriving earlier if you are really picky about your seat.  Amphitheater does allow for Handicap seating.  You’ll commit a minimum of an hour to view a single show.

How can I combine Fastpass+ for Kilimanjaro Safaris with Jungle Book: Alive with Magic?

I suggest booking a Fastpass+ for the Safaris ride at a time that begins at least 8:30pm to accomodate for local sunset.  You could book 7:30pm to as late as 8:30pm range.  But you will need the 9:55pm timeframe for the late Jungle Book show.  Kilimanjaro Safaris also takes about 30 minutes to experience plus another 5 to 7 minute walk to the amphitheater area near Everest and Finding Nemo.

If you choose to view the Jungle Book first, you’ll need a Safaris Fastpass that begins at 9:20pm.  It’s difficult to find that time as the final Fastpass+ each night for Safaris usually shows 9:30pm.  I’d guess that the later the night goes, the shorter the line will become.

Should I save Kilimanjaro Safaris after sunset experience or the Jungle Book show for a 4th or subsequent Fastpass+?

NO!  Fastpass+ for both Jungle Book shows and Safaris after 8:30pm will be gone long before your group attempts to get one at noon or later on the day of your visit.  If these are important, you should use Fastpass+ later in the day.  I would arrive early, so some touring, take a break and return to use Fastpass+.  I just completed a new touring plan for Character Locator subscribers that will detail this approach.

Operational hours for attractions:

  • Flights of Wonder – final show 4:30pm
  • Festival of the Lion King – final show 8:00pm
  • Finding Nemo – final show 7:00pm
Attraction Operating Hours
Boneyard 10am-11pm
Dinosaur (FP+) Open to Close
Expedition Everest (FP+ as late as 7:30pm) Open to Close
Fossil Fun Games 9am-11pm
Gorilla Falls trail 9am-7:30pm
It’s tough to be a Bug Open to Close
Kali River Rapids Open to Close
Kilimanjaro Safaris Open to Close
Maharajah Jungle trek 9am-7:30pm
Primeval Whirl Open to Close
triceratop Spin Open to Close
Wilderness Explorers 10am-7:30pm
Wildlife Express train / Conservation Station Closes 5:50pm


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  1. With Jungle Book currently only being offered until Sept 5th, do you anticipate Rivers of Light might start soon after that? Do you anticipate there will be a shutdown period when Jungle a Book closes before they open Rivers of Light? We’re going mid-Sept and I’m wondering if we might be there between shows.

  2. I have similar question, I’m going sept 21st, I don’t think I can book the dining package cuz it didn’t go that far into sept.

  3. KTP, We are going the very end of November and so far the hours listed only say AK will be open until 5? Do you think that will change?

  4. Oh my, I am so confused by your last statement Ken. Why don’t you think scheduling the dining is worth it for the Jungle Book show? Is it based on the seating?
    I think we now need a special degree in order to plan a Disney trip! :)

    • None are listed anywhere. I’m guessing Sunset for first appearance and stuff happens on the tree frequently after.

  5. KTP, why is the Jungle Book Alive with Magic Dining Package only available through early September? Is this just a temp offer?

    • Show is currently listed through Sept 5. Rivers of Light was SUPPOSED to be show until someone sunk a float into the river

      • :) So you anticipate that once ROL is ready to go, the Jungle Book show will be ended? And the dining packages will be offered but with ROL instead? Thanks!!

      • that was the plan, we’ll see what actually happens though. If people like it, it could stay around.

  6. What would you recommend for easiest viewing of jungle book? Right now I could either do a 6 PM Tasker House dining package or I have jungle book fast pass for the earlier show. I booked fast available on Saturday but only had the option of the earlier show.

    Are you planning to try either dining package option or fast pass for jungle book soon?

    • I would do FP for Safari then late Jungle Book show or do early show and wait in Safari line (whatever wait may be). I won’t be doing Dining Packages, not worth it to show left side vs right side of theater for same show.

      • Thank you so much for the information you always pull together! Just wondering what you mean regarding the dining packages. Are the seats not any better than fast pass seats? And what you mean by left side vs right side of the theater?

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