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Anna and Elsa costume and room design for upcoming Epcot meet and greet


Well, sometimes the rumors are right, and sometimes they are not. I recently posted a rumor that seemed to have credence, but it was NOT correct.I have no difficulties admitting when I’ve shared a wrong rumor.
Anna and Elsa will NOT wear new costumes inspired by the Frozen Fever short. Instead, the artwork above demonstrates that they will continue wearing the same old costumes (pretty much).
Elsa will still wear the blue dress and Anna will wear the same familiar costume as well.
It seems kind of out of place to visit your Summerhus in a Winter costume, but such is life, huh? I guess there’s some type of backstory that explains the anomaly?
If you are planning a trip where your costume matches the character, you are safe to use the same, familiar ones.
The artwork above does show how the room the meet will look and also demonstrates that they will continue to meet separately in the same room.
Arrwork was confirmed to be valid!
If you wish to meet them together, plan a trip to Disney California Adventure. My daughters each truly enjoyed meeting them together for the interaction and the nice photo.


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  1. Kenny, if I run to fairytale hall (of course before they leave) when the park opens, could I enter one of the Anna and Elsa rooms…alone? And ask Anna and Elsa for a pic together?

  2. It seems like it would expedite the guest interactions as well if the sisters met together. As long as it is one line for seeing both of them.
    Looking forward to seeing the new meeting rooms. Thanks Ken!

  3. Thanks for the costume update. It was a lot more fun when they met together, but poor Aurora must have felt like a second class citizen at the Princess hall. Here it seems like they would be better served ot be together, but I suppose that slows the lines a bit.

  4. Yay! Happy to know I don’t have to buy two more costumes for my trip in August. Thanks so much for the follow up. And as an artist/art teacher, I appreciate the artistic rendering you shared!!!

  5. Darnit! I wish they were meeting together rather than separately. I loved the pics the first time they were in Epcot together, it’s nice to have the sisters in the same shot.

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