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Cinderella and Rapunzel to split up


With Anna and Elsa moving back to Epcot in their new Summerhus, Cinderella and Rapunzel will be split up again.


Beginning June 17, 2016, Cinderella will return to meeting with Aurora and Rapunzel will go back to meeting with Snow White.

Guests can currently book Fastpass+ for these experiences for dates of June 17 or later.

When Anna and Elsa move to Epcot, they will not offer Fastpass+.


  1. I am so grateful for this updated info on ” ‘Punzel,” who is one of my daughter’s favorites! She’s high on our priority list for our first trip at the end of September!

  2. Do you know where the meet and greet will be located for Rapunzel and what kind of wait times can be expected? I’m going in August and would really like to meet her

  3. Kenny since the princess at FTH are being switched on 6/17 are you thinking that Anna and Elsa may start meeting on that day at Epcot?? Or will they hold off till 6/21 with the ride opening?

  4. Thank you for this information. I welcome this change as it gives opportunity to meet more princesses easily with the benefit of a photopass photographer which of course are not present to take pictures of all the princesses at Character dining! Best wishes. Sue

  5. Has it been said whether the new Frozen ride and/or the meet and greet will be open during morning magic hours? I am planning a trip for the first week of September and was thinking that would be a good time to hit those up if they are open then.

  6. This got buried beneath an ad, so I almost missed it: “When Anna and Elsa move to Epcot, they will not offer Fastpass+.”

    That is a recipe for disaster.

    • Probably not Disney magic has a way of making the lines go considerable faster. Remember Epcot Character Spot. You’ll probable split into different magical doors where you’ll find Anna and Elsa only have a few guest to meet at one time.

      • That would require several additional cast members, photographers, etc. that doesn’t seem to be the trend at WDW lately.

      • Bill has a good way of thinking ;) and it is the trend for the last 2 years.
        Magic Kingdom – Ariel, Mickey, tink, Fairytale Hall
        Epcot – character spot
        Animal Kingdom – Mickey and Minnie
        HS – Olaf, Kylo, Chewie

  7. Are the wait times historically very long for these princesses, and do you expect FastPass+ to run out, or is it a possibility to get them as a 4th FastPass+? Thank you for keeping us update with all this great info!

      • Hi Kenny, I posted a question on this post yesterday and a different one on Jungle Book post, I don’t see them, any idea where they went?

        I think these were the questions.

        1. Is Character Palooza right outside the main gates or right inside? I looked at your map on Character Locator and I didn’t understand. Just want to make sure I know where it is so I can locate some rare characters!!

        2. It is for sure that in PFH Cindy is with Aurora and Rapunzel is with Snow right?

        3. Also, you probably have no clue, but which would be better to get the Fasspass for R and Snow or Cindy and A?


      • Location is clearly defined on Character Locator. I don’t guess. If you have further Palooza questions, ask over there in chat.


      • Opps… This follows my other 3 questions lol.

        4. Is he location and the times posted on Character Locator FOR SURE? Or just a guess.

        Last thing I really appreciate you always answering my questions when I ask SO MANY. I don’t intend all the questions to be annoying, but I just HAVE to know sometimes. Thank you very much. Sorry for all the questions.

  8. I read somewhere recently that Tiana was moving to PFTH, since her current spot is in such close proximity to the castle. Any idea about that?

  9. I guess that means Snow White will no longer be outside Town Square Theater? Dare I hope they will they will bring back Marie and put her there?

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