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Rumor: Chip n Dale leaving Frontierland

Cowboy Chip n Dale Frontierland Magic Kingdom 2013

A strong rumor is pointing to Chip n Dale moving out of Frontierland / Liberty Square very soon.

According to multiple sources, Chip n Dale could return to Tomorrowland on Sunday, May 15, 2016.  Chip n Dale currently appear as Cowboys in Frontierland, but previously met in odd-looking green space outfits in Tomorrowland near the stage or other shady spaces.

No word on exact costuming.  I sure hope they have something better than these though.

Chip n Dale aug 2012 (114)


  1. They seem to fit in with the theme of Frontierland a little better. I just don’t get the connection with Tomorrowland

  2. I think they fit in Frontierland so much better than Tomorrowland. You can change their outfit, but they are still “critters”. Seems a bit odd in Tomorrowland.

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