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What will Hollywood Studios look like on April 3, 2016?


April 2, 2016 will be the final day for a number of attractions at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World, so what will the park look like on April 3 and beyond?

Pizza Planet is already closed for its transformation to a Muppets themed restaurant, but April 2 will provide a pretty long list of closures in the Streets of America area.  Here’s the list I provided on Jan 15 along with announcing the retheme of the Muppets area way back when:

Note:  Writer’s Stop will remain open!

  1.  Mike & Sulley
  2. Lights, Motor, Action
  3. Earful tower
  4. Herbie’s Drive In
  5. Watto’s Grotto
  6. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids play area
  7. Studio Catering Co.
  8. Youze Guys Merchandise
  9. Pretzel Garden
  10. Prop Shop
  11. Streets of America
  12. Writers Stop

So, this is how it will appear on the map.  Mickey and Minnie will move from their location and relocate across from the ABC Commissary.  It’s possible that the meet area could be delayed, in which case they would meet in front of the Chinese theater.  Everything in red will be destroyed.  Star Wars land will run along the side near Star Tours and Toy Story Land will run behind the current toy Story Midway Mania.  Oh, by the way, it’s expanding in case you didn’t know that.

Star Wars Far, Far Away, a new stage show, will begin on April 4 in front of the Great Movie Ride. Olaf will move in near Path of the Jedi theater, but that could be as late as May.



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  1. Nice map!

    Although, it should be pointed out that Mickey & Gang have character dining at Hollywood & Vine for dinner.

    And I believe it’s still a possibility for Star Wars Land to be built in part or wholly in the area currently outside the park. The fact they haven’t said where SWL will be points to that IMO, since, if they were going to build within the confines of the park, they’d simply be able to say where. But with the need to get official OK from the state for the land plans (which is assumed to be given), they’re waiting for the official OK before any announcements. But… that’s just my guess.

  2. I notice that you have labeled it “Mouse About Time” on the map, but I believe it it is “Mouse About Town”. Great map, so much easier to read than what Disney provides.

    • Says so in this article.
      “Olaf will move in near Path of the Jedi theater, but that could be as late as May.”

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