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BRING THE HAUNTED MANSION TO YOUR MAILBOX with the Haunted Mansion Ghost Relations Department Ghost Post

Haunted Mansion Ghost Relations Department presents the Ghost Post

Welcome to the Disney Ghost Relations Department.  For decades, the Ghost Relations Department has worked tirelessly to bring you the finest in trans-spectral experiences. Now, you are invited to bring the Haunted Mansion to your mailbox.

The Haunted Mansion: Ghost Post Subscription


Your ‘scare’ packages will be filled with unique – possibly haunted – artifacts, each one a key to unlocking secret and special powers. And each box unfolds a chapter in a new Haunted Mansion adventure.

What is it?
If you are brave or foolish enough to help the spirits, then subscribe to the Ghost Post. Beginning at the end of March 2016, the Ghost Relations Department will send you three “scare packages.” You will receive one box per month, for three months.

Each box is a chapter in an unfolding story that connects you directly to the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion. In the boxes, each item will have certain hidden qualities and secrets for you to discover, and each one will become a prop in your experience – revealing a little bit more of the story.

Subscriptions are limited to the first 999 US residents.

The Haunted Mansion: Ghost Post Subscription

iPhone Required
The Ghost Post experience requires an iPhone.* The Ghost Relations department has developed a marvelous Phantom Radio iPhone App. The app makes your iPhone particularly sensitive to the haunted artifacts you will receive in your subscription. Using the app, you can unlock new aspects of your objects and connect with the ghosts of the Haunted Mansion.

*Supported iPhone models: 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus

The Haunted Mansion: Ghost Post Subscription


Are you brave enough to be one of them?

Subscriptions to the Ghost Post are $199 for a three month story experience, and require an iPhone. The Ghost Post begins shipping at the end of March 2016 and the victims subscribers will receive one package per month for three months.

“I was sure the Ghost Relations Department would do whatever they could to keep us from following home the humans they bring to visit us. But they are thrilled to do whatever they can to help us hitchhike out with the guests for some good old-fashioned home haunting. And then they’re there to help us get back, and welcome us with open arms. At least it used to be that way, before the recent…troubles. But I have confidence that the Ghost Relations Department will be able to find some more friendly humans to help us fix things up. ”

Happy Haunt

Disney’s Ghost Relations Department was established to foster good relations between the mortal and aetheric realms. Over the years, we have brought countless living people to visit our departed friends and The Haunted Mansion, and helped to make their interactions…LIVELY.

When the idea was first conceived for a Grand Mansion to house the world’s most diabolical and spooky spirits, Disney’s Ghost Relations Department spent several years scouring the world for the best, brightest, beastliest of ghosts, promising them a stately residence of the first order.

The first Haunted Mansion was a smashing success. But even with a transdimensional, non-euclidian architectural design, there was quickly a shortage of space. Spirits crammed into every nook and cranny, until the Mansion was bursting at the seams with 999 ghosts. And as the fame of the Haunted Mansion spread throughout the ghostly realm, the clamor to get in grew.

And so, the Ghost Relations Department was pleased to oversee the construction of several new haunts in locations across the world.

Over the years, the Ghost Relations Department has led tours of the Haunted Mansion for untold numbers of mortal Guests. The spectral residents have long been curious about the visitors to their home. Recently, this curiosity has turned to active interest. Many of the ghosts believe that you, their occasional visitors, may be the only ones who can solve a problem that threatens their very way of life.

Magic in the details…

Shipping is included*

Requires iPhone**

Please note: Purchase of this item is limited to 1 per Household

Limited availability: 999 subscriptions
Subscribers receive one mystery Ghost Post package every month for three months. First package ships March 2016
Each box includes 7-9 objects designed specifically for the Ghost Post.
Each object interacts with your iPhone** using a free custom app***. Transform your iPhone into a spectral device that allows you to listen in on the secrets of the Haunted Mansion. Help the ghosts in this iPhone-enabled fully interactive narrative
Learn more about the experience at ghostrelationsdept.disney.com
*Shipping is included in the price of your Subscription. Shipping applies to Standard Delivery sent to a single U.S. shipment address. Additional items in your Shopping Bag may incur Shipping & Handling charges. Disney E-Commerce reserves the right to cancel or modify this offer at any time.






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    • I just read…what? 199.00? Ridiculous! Another way to get our money! I thought it was a fun promotion for free! Guess I should have known better! Nothing is free at Disney. The 3.00 toll booth reminds me where I am every time I get close to Disney! Lol

      • While $199 may seem a bit expensive, it sounds like a pretty interesting & exclusive experience. I mean, even if each of the mailed packages only cost Disney $5 to produce & mail, those “scare” packages alone would cost them $15,000. Plus add in the cost of producing an app for the interactive, multi-month storyline mystery game. . .

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