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Would you pay more to park closer?

Disney World premium parking

Disney World is now looking at another opportunity to increase profit margin and raise cash.  It involves a “Premium” parking area at each park.

Disney World is looking at offering “Premium” parking spaces located nearest to each park.   It’s said that Disney will charge an extra $15 per car to park closer to the park or $35 overall.  It would allow guests to walk a little less to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot and walk to the monorail at Magic Kingdom.

Each person could decide if this is a good benefit for them, but I would just as soon ride the tram.  Riding the tram is actually adding a little to the story and experience anyway and children love how it builds the anticipation.


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  1. Six Flags always charged 5.00 extra for premium parking and I always paid it but last year they went up to 10.00 and I said no way because the price of parking had already gone way up. I would definitely not pay 15.00 extra for Disney when it is already 20.00!!!

  2. Disney continues to take advantage of their customer base (and I don’t necessarily mean that in a bad or “evil large corporation” way). What Carol said made me think of it. While there are plenty of people who rankle at every price increase and each limited cost+ access (Villains mix n mingle) there are also enough people who are willing to pay. In particular there are enough people who can afford a few dollars more for any event/opportunity that they think little of price when attending Disney. As long as that’s the case they’ll keep looking for new ways to increase profits

  3. OMG Disney really? Please stop! I love Disney world & staying ‘on property’ but coming from the UK is so expensive already & all these recent money grabbing moves are leaving a bad taste in my mouth! BEWARE Disney or you just may shoot yourselves in the foot trying to squeeze every last dollar out of your guests! We just may decide we’ve
    had enough, then, the literally thousands of dollars my family & I spend there every few years will go elsewhere!
    In the words of a very special lady ‘LET IT GO! LET IT GO!’

  4. …..the tram is one of my kids favorite “rides”!! I will usually walk it but the kids beg to ride. I guess they will get their way more often…

  5. We would rather use our $35 elsewhere. This would also force cars that arrive early to park farther away, and those getting free parking staying onsite.

  6. We have a ski resort in our area that does that. I think it is $10 to park in 1st tier. Would I pay, no, but there are people who would. But when I go to Disney I stay on property and use the bus.

  7. This is why even Ina’s a long time disney supporter is getting fed up. It’s not just all the new experiences only for people who can pay the ridiculous prices, it’s now getting to taking things away and reallocating them to those willing to pay. While I once thought Disney would never move to a pay for fastpass access model because it is so against the spirit of the parks, I now feel it’s just a matter of time. Nothing seems to be off the table.

  8. Disney is becoming more and more overtly classist. There are increasing opportunities to spend more money for ‘premium’ experiences and they aren’t trying to hide it. If people keep paying this will only get worse. Truthfully, the only thing that’s going to stop it is some major world wide recession that makes people stop spending money on expensive vacations (like 2008) or some disaster (like 2001)

  9. With all of the rumored price increases and cutbacks , it wouldn’t surprise me if they started charging to use the restroom

  10. With the amount of walking I already do at a day in a Disney park, paying $15 to save a few steps or a tram ride would not be worth it to me. It’s all part of the experience.

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