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More job cuts affecting Disney World Cast Members


With Disney World having experienced its best year ever, it’s being forced by Disney corporate to make considerable cuts, that rattle the brain of guests.  Cuts are attributed to major cost overruns for the construction of Shanghai Disney.  One cut seriously affects Hollywood Studios “Streetmosphere,” or Citizens of Hollywood while another affects a play area that has degraded over the years.


Jack Diamond and Officer William Club Citizens of HollywoodA large number of Citizens are being told that their contracts are not being renewed at Hollywood Studios.  Reports have it in the 10-12 person range.  Citizens of Hollywood have been a critical part of welcoming guests to the park with comedy, entertainment and whimsy just as you cross through the gates.  I’m not sure exactly which exact characters are affected at this time.  I’m sure they are devastated by the news that they’ve lost their jobs, while most have families to support.  Some rumors say that some of their roles could be filled by new hires, therefore saving the company money.

We’ve had many hours of fun interacting with these comedic geniouses and wish them only the best in finding new roles or new employment.  One of my daughter’s favorite memories is playing with Betty Shambles.  Citizens of Hollywood characters you will be missed!

DisneyQuest hours being cut as well.

DisneyQuest is moving it’s operational hours from 11:30am to 10:00 or 11:00pm back down to beginning at some point in the afternoon until 9pm.  DisneyQuest is a shadow of what it was 10 years ago.  It’s filled with broken and degrading games of all kinds and was announced to close, supposedly to make way for an NBA themed attraction, but even that is said to be on hold.  Many operations Cast Members will have to try to find hours among the many roles being scaled back.  Many regular Cast Members are being scaled back to 30 hours per week.

Boggles the mind to see a place that has been so successful cutting entertainment options.  One has to wonder when the usual 3 to 5 year round of Manager cuts will take place.

Oh, by the way, ticket prices are supposed to increase this weekend in some way.

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  1. A Reuters article just came out today with some information on the Chinese national commodities and raw materials sectors, namely coal, steel, solar and a few others. The Chinese government will be laying off about 5 -6 million state workers over the next months, in a “retrenchment”. They are desperately trying to prop up the failing economy and the so-called “zombie” factories. If anyone doubts that Shanghai Disney- at THIS time- is a colossal mistake, please read the article. It is very enlightening. But will the Disney decision-makers pay? The ones who thought the Asian money train would not end? Will there be admitted mistakes and firings? (not the little guy either!) The Chinese economy will reverberate into Hong Kong over the next 18-24 months. Any remember that awful, horribly-failed Madonna flop from the 80’s….”Shanghai Surprise”?

  2. So you’re trying to tell us that 12 jobs (of which there are more streetmosphere characters, so it’s not that they’re cutting it entirely), and a single shift at DisneyQuest would move the needle on any amount of money lost at Shanghai large enough for Disney to even sweat about. The math just doesn’t add up, and as you mentioned, the ticket price increase (which is an annual thing) would more than cover any of that.

    What’s more likely? That they’re projecting a slower year due to all the construction happening (guest putting off trips to wait for Star Wars Land), so they’re cutting back hours / roles where it won’t impact the overall guest experience? Or that the … oh, let’s be generous and call it $1M saved by these moves are to somehow defray the over a BILLION dollar cost overrun on another continent, of which Disney only has to absorb a fraction of?

    Let me be clear … How Disney treats its employees is DEPLORABLE. It disgusts me to see them abusing hard working people, particularly my friends who were directly impacted by this H-1B bull. But by using Shanghai as a foil here, you’re actually distracting from the issue. These particular job cuts are nothing compared to what Disney has done, and Shanghai likely has little, if anything, to do with it.

    Keep the finger pointed in the right direction … stop trying to make more of these things than they are and stay focused on getting Disney to stop abusing it’s employees … period. Shanghai isn’t the reason they’re doing this, and you shouldn’t give them the excuse anyway.

  3. We are a family of 4 from Cairns in Australia, and we just visited Disneyland in Anaheim in September, and we loved it! I have already starting planning a trip to Disney World (unfortunately not until 2018, have to resave with the bad Aussie dollar). I have already been getting so excited, and am signed on to so many blogs for ideas…but all of these comments are making me sad, and wondering if I should be visiting WDW at all? I love all things Disney, and it’s a helluva long way for us to travel, I only hope things get better and the comments get more positive, so I can keep being excited about planning a trip, and not wondering whether I should even bother to visit. It will be a once only visit for us, it’s doubtful we will ever return, so we want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.
    PS, Kenny, love your blogs, if I lived anywhere near Disney I know I would be a regular visitor

    • I think it’s worth it to visit WDW and when you arrive, many new things will be operating. Keep an eye out for when Star Wars Land should open too.

      • Thanks Kenny, I will take your word for it! We have a Star Wars fanatic in the house, so if we are too early for Star Wars Land…then we will have to come back! I will continue planning.

    • Please don’t let this stop you. I have been going to WDW for 26 years and while things have changed the magic is still there. We live over 1000 miles away but are annual Passholders because we still love the parks. You won’t be disappointed. It is much larger that Disneyland. While I love Disneyland too the WDW complex will astound you. Enjoy.

      • Thanks so much , that’s what I needed to hear, we will make our own fun anyway I guess and ignore the negativity, it will cost us $20,000+ for the trip, so I’ll make sure we have a magical time!

  4. I’m so upset I’ve been planning a Disney trip for 2018 and I have never been and have been excitedly planning but I just keep hearing about cut backs and I feel so heart broken. I’m never going to get to see citizens of Hollywood that everyone talks about and I just keep hearing of Disney slowly loosing their magic every day. I’ve been so excited but to hear that all these rides are shut down and that Lady Tremaine will no longer have her regular free visit in MK just breaks my heart. Then there’s talk about closing A mans dream that I’ve been excited to see abd earn about the great Walt Disney who created all these characters I’ve come to know and love :'(

  5. Hi, I’m Gary Izzo. I’m the director who started Streemosphere at Disney MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios).

    When I introduced Disney management to using my Streetmo cast as interactive characters in themed convention events in the second year of Streetmosphere (1991), it was a huge hit and it saved them loooooads of money, because a small cast of characters made a fun and unique, non-stop, entertainment experience that cost SO much less than their usual “Bands and Balloons” events. It virtually assured the shows longevity going forward and created a great source of additional income and creative outlet for the cast. 26 years and counting, not bad for a theme park show eh? We took big budget hits when Euro Disney flopped, but Streetmo was immune then. The special events dept. said, “We literally could not function without them now.” We had bottom line protection.

    I know that Streemo has been somewhat “homogenized” since the early, boundary-testing, creative exploration it began as, and I don’t know how they figure into convention entertainment nowdays, having been out of it now myself for a while, but it seems as stupid to me now as the suggestion was then to cut the troupe down. I barely made it work with 33 actors, a number that was never diminished in my 7-year tenure there, and I just don’t see how they can make themselves noticed with any fewer.

    The idea to cut seasoned and experienced performers in order to save a nickel or two on new hires is typical corporate short-sightedness. What we used to call bean-counter logic. The investment in time, training, and experience it takes to create a truly qualified interactive performer that can make a difference in exceeding audience expectation is a calculation they habitually fail to make.

    One of the hardest things I have ever had to do there was to be the ‘director of an ensemble show’ and have to tell an actor with a mortgage and a family that their contract was not going to be renewed–frankly, that’s why I got out. (I still have to do that, but I’m happy to only have to do it with short run shows.) They know it’s only a one-year contract, but it’s year-round. They know that having a “normal” career is hard as an artist. But it’s hard not to rely on a place they carved out over many years in a company they love–or at least admire.

    My considered professional (unasked) opinion, as the creator (along with Craig) of Streemosphere, is that it is a stupid idea to cut this show down. I suspect there are entertainment managers there who agree.
    Hey guys, I still run a really fun show for 10 weeks in the summer in upstate NY if you find yourself free! My show at Sterling is the forerunner and model for Streetmosphere, and we celebrate our 40th season this year. …and I’m adding characters.

    My best to all at Streetmosphere, and especially those headed for a permanent lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl. heart emoticon

  6. There was a time where I did nothing but bring awareness of the Citizens of Hollywood to people thinking about visiting Walt Disney World. Of course, being unemployed for five years has pretty much ended any opportunity to visit the place myself.

    All I can say is if you don’t approve of Disney’s “business practices”, just don’t give them your money. Don’t go to their parks, don’t buy their merchandise, just don’t do business with them. And to make sure they really get the message, I invite you to tell a thousand of your friends about this, and get them to tell a thousand of their friends, and a thousand more, all in this reverse-pyramid scheme.

    I once said that there was no Disney Magic in New York City where I’m from. I think I can rephrase that in saying that there wasn’t any Disney Magic to begin with. It was only a bad business that took people’s money and mismanaged it to create the “raise prices, cut staff” model that has become the standard.

  7. This is not the Disney Walt wanted here …. This is all about money…. I took my 4 year old granddaughter to WDW a few months ago for her birthday…. I live in Orlando FYI . I only had 2 employees out of about 12 that I dealt with that spoke English well enough for me to understand . Tried to get her in a photo op with a character with only 4 people in line and was told that could not happen they had a schedule – explained my granddaughter has many medical issues and that it was her birthday and she had their birthday badge on to prove it and she said sorry that’s the way it is !!!!!! I was so mad I could have smacked her — I have live here almost my whole life and know we will not be spending another 300 plus dollars and another birthday there.Fairy tales can come true — but not at WDW

    • In defense of the 4 person line issue. Characters have specific schedules and must cut the line. Likely, well before you arrived, or they would stay in the same spot and never take a break. To avoid this issue, use Character Locator.

  8. I admit that I’ve only been to Disney once and have another trip planned for April. We had a good time but it wasn’t magical, cast members didn’t make me feel special, I had no towel animals, stuffed animals weren’t rearranged in our room, and to be honest customer service was almost as bad as Walmart. My daughter had fun and that’s why we are returning. I wish we could have experienced the Disney that other people have posted about. One thing I can guarantee you is that once my child can snorkel then Disney will not be a vacation spot for us anymore. My butt will be back on a carnival cruise where the food is good and the customer service is amazing.

    • Probably best to stay away if you don’t like it. To each their own pleasures. Some people love Disney – the grand Floridian & it’s restaurants are very well rated, and I enjoy them & other Disney hotels & restaurants. Some people like carnival. You were pretty harsh on Disney & your opinion is valid as it relates to your experience there. Just like I went on carnival ship once. The only good thing I can say about carnival is that Mickey Arison had the foresight to purchase Cunard Line and build the last true liner -QM2- in modern times. I’ll always be grateful for that every time I step on board her. The people here on the blog have loved Disney in the past and many still love it and want to see better decisions made. Denigrating Disney because you thought it sucked really doesn’t add much – people are just discussing how they want a place they love to move forward in the future, hoping that better decisions might therefore be made

  9. Every time I plan another trip to Walt Disney World (working on my 4th trip within 12 months now), I get comments from friends and family all basically saying “There are so many other places to go other than Disney, you know!”. My response has always been that there is nowhere that compares to Walt Disney World when it comes to the full experience you get. It’s not just a place you go to in order to go on rides and eat some burgers and fries. You go to be immersed in the Disney cocoon. Ride the rides but also be entertained by something that you just happen to stumble upon that you wonder why you never found it before and can’t wait to see it again. Eat the burgers and fries but also try something new and amazing that immediately becomes your favorite food ever. I can go have rides and burgers at the much more local Six Flags if that’s what I wanted. But it isn’t. I want that excitement of looking forward to experiencing all the magic from previous trips as well as seeking out all the new experiences that I have heard about from other WDW goers. With all the recent changes and cancellations due to “budget cuts”, it makes me wonder how long my “home” will be able to keep me coming back for more. If the heart isn’t there, it may as well be just another theme park.

  10. Kenny, do you anticipate annual pass prices increasing this weekend as well? We need to buy 6 gold passes before June…just don’t know when to pull the trigger!

    I’m with everyone on the streetmosphere in HS…we will miss it more than anything else that is being cut.

  11. Corporate Disney seems to have forgotten that it’s the employees that make the parks magical, not the other way around. Without them, the Disney parks are just amusement parks, highly themed ones, but just amusements.


    • Exactly! And my 3 annual passes to other parks cost less – combined – than my one AP to WDW. If Disney wants to be just a theme park, guess which of the 4 I’ll let lapse?

  12. Let’s be realistic, it’s not a top priority to visit the overseas Disney parks. I feel that WDW and Disneyland USA should be best of the best. Construction projects should be done swiftly and not take 30 years (avatar land). Walt Disneys dream is being ruined by a board full of Number watching Money hungry Suites.

    • You do realise there’s a whole wide world outside the US right? You’re be saying that Walt would be turning in his grave next. Jeez.

    • 1. Despite being the greatest Disney visionary of his time, never forget Walt was a businessman.
      2. Disney goes where the money is- China is on the brink of an economic boom. The job function of a business is nothing more than to make investments and taking on risk in order to generate the most profit. Disneys forecasting models clearly point to over seas to a growing and vastly untapped market.

      • Or China is on the brink of a major recession, depends on who you read. It does have 1 billion people who aren’t allowed to freely travel, but the majority struggle to live.

  13. This is sad. We do like the rides, but our FAVORITE parts of DIsney are not the rides. We loves the strolling characters, etc. I’ve been to WDW 9 times since 2008 and have NEVER gone on Any of the “big rides” like Space Mountain , Tower or Terror or even Big Thunder Mountain. They are too crowded. We like the slower pace. We stroll, shop, snack, the kids played in the fountains when they were younger, we watch the shows.
    We go to Disney every year – this year were were planning on going for 2 weeks, but maybe now we’ll do 1 week WDW and 1 week Discovery Cove/Sea World.

  14. We started noticing all the ” lack of value” several years ago. Food quality has gone down to the point that we only eat at Landry’s restaurants, Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Puck. Custodial issues are rampant and the parks are much dirtier than in the past. There are far too many broken/closed rides in every park. We miss the live entertainment that seems to have been pulled from everywhere except MK. And all of this for more money?

    As DVC members, we are kind of locked into future visits (excepting a sale of our points), but we’ve taken it in stride and now use DVC as just a place to stay. The better bang for our buck is now off property. Very sad.

    Gosh, I miss Michael Eisner ……. Those were some progressive years.

    • Well if more and more DVC’ers become disenchanted and sell – I will be in the market to add at that point!
      As for food quality, I have not noticed a drop in Bluezoo, Shula’s, BOG, CA Grill – they are all still very good. I did notice a QS drop in quality several years and have not eaten at one since, no matter how many “Free dining” plans they throw out there. The food was just bad.

      • Slightly irrelevant, but Bluezoo and Shula’s are not owned by Disney in any way. The Swan and Dolphin as a resort have a partnership with Disney but it is actually owned by Starwood therefor those employees are not experiencing the unfortunate cuts that are being made on the rest of disney property.

  15. How sad…I feel that if these cut backs are truly the result of over expenditure on the Shanghai park, then shame on you Disney! I realize that Disney is probably expecting huge revenue with the new park but they should not do so at the expense of another park. I think that those who are involved in the developing and the building of the Shanghai park have planned poorly, and although it is now much too late for “should’of, would’of, could’of” Disney needs to re-evaluate just what they are doing to their home parks…I doubt that guests will be as eager to spend their hard-earned money in DL or WDW if the magic is being diminished one sparkle at a time. It is such disheartening news…

  16. There is going to be nothing left at Hollywood studios whilst everything has been closed if the citizens are sacked also
    We are another big fan of the citizens and always watch them would be a travesty to see them go
    So sad it has been a part of our Disney tradition through our years of coming to Disney from the uk

  17. I understand it’s a for profit company but Disney has so many sectors which is intentionally designed so that if 1 fails it doesn’t impact another. I will never understand why Disney World fans and visitors have to lose out because somewhere else their facility didn’t make the cut. Each park has unique experiences so that people want to visit each one, but there is a reason that huge numbers of vacationers come to Disney World and Disney land from Europe and Asia, it’s to have a US vacation. Having been to Tokyo Disney it’s more locals there not the diversity we see here….please remember that Walt’s intention was to take kids places where parents could interact and not sit back and watch. Disney does surveys on so many things why not ask the pass holders there all the time what they come to do most? I hope they listen to Kenny and his followers because I sent a direct feedback after star wars weekend were cancelled and got a blanket response that told me all the things coming but never addressed my comments which was that my 3 small child won’t be able to ride those rides and want to see characters and parades instead. I don’t think it was read at all. Thanks for the info KtP

  18. We are devastated about the Citizens of Hollywood. It is my sons favorite part of visiting WDW – our first park is always HS, and he watches every show. EVERY SHOW. We start at 10:30 and follow them, planning our entire day around their show times. We’ve been AP and visit from Mass 4 times a year, and will seriously reconsider if that magic is taken away from him. We can go on rides here at amusement parks closer to our house – we go to Disney for those magical extras that you can’t find anywhere else.

    Also, my AP for Universal was less than $200, and Lego Land was less than $100. Just saying, Disney, you need to have our Citizens in place and get it together quickly or we’ll keep those 2 passes and change the way we visit. I have no qualms about staying off property and visiting other parks, I do have major concerns about my son having his heart broken when he realizes his “friends” aren’t at HS anymore.

    Kenny, can you keep us posted on who won’t be there anymore? I saw online that Evie and Paige are fine, but I believe Stone Granite won’t be there anymore (whether that’s his choice or theirs). Worried about the rest – Beau, Jack, Dorma, Betty, Officers Club, Friskum and Peabody, Daly Reels, Mimi, Mayor Burbank, Cici….see, we do know them and I really hope Disney reconsiders.

    • Interesting…that makes me think…maybe Disney has people whispering in their collective ear that people only want the thrill rides and cuts can be made elsewhere? As an adult who does the food, lounges, shows, live acts, etc., and rides too – I hope they don’t believe they can cut these things and focus solely on the thrill

      • I’m wondering if they really think turning their focus to FP+ and thrill rides is making them lose focus on what’s really important – the moments when a family can take a break and all be entertained by the same thing is pretty amazing. My boys are 7 and 2, and both are mesmerized by the Citizens – not the case for almost anything else.

        I just realized I forgot about the Public Works guys, who my son also follows around. Sparky, Rico, the Boss…I am just at a loss for words for how Disney doesn’t see their value.

      • Andy, Disneyland was financed by Snow White. Why can’t they do the same for Shnghai. You are right; the magic is not in thrills but their shows and cast members.

    • Daly Reels has gone for sure. Citizens of Hollywood has been moved from a 7 day a week operation, down to a 5 day to save money, hence cutting the contracts. It’s awful.

      • I just wrote a letter. I sent it via email and plan to print it out and mail it to all the powers that be. I’m so disappointed in WDW right now.

      • Any idea which two days they cut? If we shorten our trip, I want to make sure we go to HS on the right day to see the people who remain.

  19. The magic is leaving piece by piece. So sad. I used to feel they did everything for ME. You could spend the day in any park and be made to feel like somehow you were special. They cared about you and would do anything to make your trip unforgettable. My best memories are all the little things- a grounds sweeper stopping to do magic tricks, running into Cruella and her antics with my child, a balloon left in our room to wish us a special day, the towels animals, rushing back to the room to see what the stuffed animals were up to, I can ride rides a lot of places but it was the disney magic that kept me coming back.

  20. Disney Quest could be so cool if they (see suits) would take care of it. The bowling alley and movie theater are of no interest to my family, but a fun interactive indoor activity is just what we want. Maybe Disney only wants locals to visit Disney Springs.

      • Kenny I think we can agree locals and AP’s are not on their radar as much as they used to. They can lose our business and be replaced with the droves of Latin and South Americans that flood the parks. Where they relied on us to fill in on shoulder season that is no longer the case.

        I was a cast member for ten years and have been an AP nearly as long and you can see the steady decline over that time. The ranks are being filled with part time, out of the country and underpaid individuals who are as valued to the Walt Disney Company as the napkins being thrown on the ground by the people who treat the parks like it’s a dump. The vast majority of the cast members are indifferent, unhappy drones who oftentimes are busy checking their mobile phones on the down low probably checking when their miserable shift is over or taking among each other about getting off work?

        It’s about maximizing crowd efficiency, cramming as many guests into the park and squeezing every last penny from whatever guests they can coax into the park.

        The Shanghai overruns have been discussed for months and I am not surprised. Everything there is mired in bureaucratic red tape and payoffs, you have to change everything to comply with whatever ridiculous law they cook up on the fly which inevitably leads to more money being spent on payouts. How is this surprising, it shouldn’t be yet on they went. We pay for it here in the states.

        We barely go to the parks anymore because we can’t stand the droves of rude, dirty people from out of country who treat the park, other visitors and cast members with complete disregard like is their third world port-o-let.

  21. Going to chime in as well – I’ve been one of the biggest Disney defenders over the years but it’s not starting to get to me. Way too many cuts in relation to ever increasing guest numbers and ever increasing prices. I understand business is about profit and giving as little as you can to keep the money rolling in but you’d like to think that Disney would be a little more conscious of not just doing what it can get away with. If price increases come right on top of all this – it might finally be the last straw. I’ll likely go from being a once or twice a year Disney visitor to once every several years. Just too many other places to go on vacation and where Disney was once a relatively inexpensive option considering all that you got, they’ve now made it so you’re now truly paying for everything. It used to be I could go to Disney for a week for much less than a comparable vacation elsewhere but now there are many great things I can do for less.

    • Inexpensive was never something I thought of when Disney sprang to mind. If you stay deluxe hotels and do TS restaurants, some character meals, etc., it’s quite high.

  22. I have been an annual pass holder for many years and it is sad to watch the prices rise and the entire experience degrade. Now they are cutting hours because of shanghai!! I hope soon the Disney company will realize that the USA is where the people appreciate this sort of amusement and return to its roots. The money wasted in China could have enhanced WDW and Disneyland for all of us in the states who pay for all of this. Are you listening Disney?

  23. Really disappointed with the cuts. We are going this March Break, and I am looking into ways to maximize the magic at the parks. I am very disappointed that many new things will only start in April, not March. It feels like we March-Breakers paying big bucks being ill treated. Come on, how hard is it to bring out Olaf a little early?

    Of my family, I am the only one who read Disboards and co-ordinate the trip. I spare my family from the news of the many cuts, hoping they won’t notice. Recently, the daughter asked me about the attractions at Hollywood Studios, and I told her “this is gone, that is no more….”. Even she concluded that it is not a good time to visit.

    However, my kids are now 6 and 10. It’s not like they will stay at these ages for a couple years to wait for new attractions to open.

  24. I don’t want to be snarky but I guess there aren’t many options left but – should not the 1st person to lose their job be the brilliant management who thought China – with it’s corrupt and shoddy construction practices, habit of devaluing currency, and sluggish growth – was a good idea in the 1st place? Should not that be the group to “pay the piper” so to speak?
    Despite 3 or4 trips a year, I didn’t used to spend a great deal of time at HS, then a year ago I discovered Mulch Sweat & Shears (I know just in time for them to leave!). We loved watching them for the past year, and started to spend more and more time at HS, and absolutely loved the Streetmosphere. Especially the guy with the martini!! Hilarious. This is pretty disappointing. And yet, I still have 2 trips in the next month, 1 in Sept plus a cruise and another in Nov.
    I guess they’ve got me….just wish they’d respect me a little! : )

  25. We are thisclose to canceling our May trip. So many closings, refurbs, layoffs etc etc etc. How long before they start cutting the quality of food and service or let the safety slide all to save a penny?

    • Um, wasn’t that in last years cuts. It really feels like they are doing everything they can to run Disney world into the ground. Over all quality and atmosphere has degraded dramatically in the past 8 years. I hope they have somthing great up their sleeves that we don’t yet know about or they are just going to be trashy Universal type parks.

      • That’s so ironic that you say that considering Universal’s almost-near revamp of their two parks. Sorry to say, but Universal has impressed me more in the last four years than Disney has.

        Go visit HS and come back to me.

  26. They really should not be increasing prices this year with all they have cut. I know a few things are opening but not enough to compensate.

  27. This is atrocious. Citizens are one of the best parts of Hollywood Studios and the cast members are fantastic and dedicated to their roles! One of my favourite parts of Disney!

    As for Disney Quest – that place just needs to be shut down and the staff should be either reallocated to different roles in the VERY BUSY parks or hotels, or otherwise given a fair severance. I’m Disney can make some money off an NBA deal or work with some other corporation to re-develp that site not totally on their own dime. I wonder how much other businesses pay to have space at Disney Springs?

  28. Is there somewhere that we could leave comments to Disney about how disappointed we are with the layoffs and delays in upgrades?? Other Disney parks should not impact Disney World. Cutback on the park losing the money.

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