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Disney World tiered single day ticket prices

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Disney World introduces a new tiered pricing system for single day ticket purchases. They will offer these tickets as Peak, Regular and Value seasons.

Peak – Spring Break, Easter, Summer and Christmas
Mk $124
Other Wdw parks $114

Regular season
MK $110
Others $102

Value – late August and all of September
Mk $105
Others $97

Prices do not include tax. All one day ticket prices go into effect on Sunday, February 28.


  1. This makes me sad. I feel like Walt wouldn’t approve if he knew tickets were so expensive that the average middle class family may not be able to afford Disney. I think his dream was for the parks to be accessible to everyone. And as a middle class (probably lower middle class) family member myself it took me 34 years and some big sacrifices to get there for my first trip last year. Now I’m grateful my husband is in process to become a flight attendant so it may be possible to go again in the future with his hotel and flight discounts. Fingers crossed.

  2. I too am I big Disney fan and my family goes at least once a year to the Disney World parks. However, when Disney keeps upping their park price, add price gimmicks, and give less for visitors to do I feel more inclined to take my family less to its parks and go somewhere else. I get that it’s all for the new park opening in Tokyo but don’t make the U.S. take the hit.

  3. We have 10 day park hoppers with no expiration dates that we got a few years ago but haven’t had a chance to use. Hope I can still use them on spring break.

  4. Wow! Disney is really pricing themselves out of business! I know there will always be plenty of people that pay, but for the average middle class family, the pricing is really getting out of hand. I would love to see a chart of the price increases in the last 10 years. It keeps going up…and for what? Tokyo to be happy? I’m sorry Disney, but you are really making me mad. I am a HUGE fan of Disney, but the magic seems to be slowly dying. I think Universal is becoming more appealing. They seem to be able to get rides done in less than a year! Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney magic more than anything, but if they keep going up in price and laying good people off and cancelling shows etc. then……………..

    • If you leave your package alone the pricing is locked in. If you apply a discount or make changes I have seen the pricing change to whatever ticket prices currently are. If you are applying a big discount like free dining you’ll still save a ton even with the increase in ticket prices

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