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Is the Adventure Happens Here Dance Party going away?

Adventure Happens Here dance party eliminated


Each day at the Center Stage in Disney’s Hollywood Studios they offer a special dance party that began before Christmas and offers special characters like Sebastian and Bolt.  But what is going to happen to it with all the cuts taking place?

It appears from Disney’s scheduling that this special dance party will cease to exist after Saturday, which would leave no entertainment at the stage until April 4, when the new Stormtrooper patrol begins.  We’ve already lost Club Disney, now it appears this is gone as well too.

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  1. Is there any hope of having 8am openings or extra EMHS at MK during last week of March? I am cringing just thinking about the crowds with 9 am openings and no extra EMHs!

  2. awww wish they would keep it. My girls had a blast dancing with the characters. Although if it started earlier it would have been even more fun as the youngest was tired so we didn’t stay long. hoping they decide to keep it was a great time to dance with characters

  3. Entertainments cuts as a whole are disappointing, but I’m okay with losing something that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. A dance party int he central “hub” of the park is fairly obnoxious, in my opinion. I thought Club Disney was a much better place for it.

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