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Kylo Ren coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Launch Bay

Kylo Ren coming to Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios

Kylo Ren coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Launch Bay

As I stated recently Kylo Ren is coming to replace Darth Vader in both the Regular Star Wars Launch Bay meet and greet and the Chase Disney  Visa meet.  He has already begun meeting guests in Disneyland and he’s coming very soon to Hollywood Studios.

According to information I was given by a Launch Bay Cast Member, Kylo Ren is supposed to begin meeting guests at Hollywood Studios on Monday, February 8, 2016  Sunday, February 7, 2016.  You may ask if I’m going to “guarantee” this date.  I can’t guarantee you anything and I would never book a trip based on a rumored date.  If you’re in the park that day, you might want to drop in and check.

Once Kylo takes Darth’s place, Darth will no longer meet, but will continue performing in Jedi training.  Rumors are still swirling though that Darth could end up in a special Star Wars character meal.


  1. Any idea about which character will be meeting at the Disney Visa section of the Star Wars Launch Bay. I think this has been Darth Vader, too??

  2. I agree with Papa. I’m surprised that they would get rid of Darth. Too bad they couldn’t just add Kylo. But obviously that would require to hire an extra character. My kids are just getting into Star Wars (3 and 6) and they’ve only seen parts of the original movies. They have no idea who Kylo is. Everyone will always associate Darth as the face of Star Wars. Do you think it will still be Darth during the Jedi Training?

  3. I don’t understand why Disney would take away such an iconic character as Darth. He is the face and soul of Star Wars for us old-timers. Kylo may be popular for the younger kids, but it’s the grandparents that are funding the Disney trips and we still want the experience with him.

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