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Popular Hollywood Studios characters to end meet and greet


Due to upcoming Star Wars Land construction,  Hollywood Studios will permanently eliminate a couple of popular meet and greets. 

Effective end of day January 4, 2016 Phineas and Ferb along with Lightning and Mater will cease to offer regular meet and greets in Walt Disney World.  Their locations, along with Pizza Planet will close.  Seems like Mama Melrose will close at some point as well,  but that’s unconfirmed at this time.

The Death Star has spoken.

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  1. I don’t relate Star Wars with Disney, but I guess I better get with the program!

    What are wait times looking like for Star Wars meet and greet at the launch bay?

  2. How sad!! This will be my kids first and probably only visit to DisneyWorld and these are some of the characters we hoped to see. We aren’t into Star Wars….our excitement is starting to dwindle with all the things we wanted to see and do being closed or canceled :(

  3. Hi Kenny! I’m seeing conflicting dates for the Pizza Planet closure-1/11 and 1/19. Do you have any details? We’re heading there on 1/16 (and if it’ll still be open we may need to adjust our park days in order to go!). Thanks!

  4. Justin, I have tried to watch the muppets 3 separate episodes and I was offended. I had to make the kids leave the room. The new muppets are definitely not the original muppets. It’s not bad language or anything. The jokes are just not appropriate. I guess I am old school. Those kind of jokes are just not funny . Lots of parents have said they will not let their kids watch it.

  5. NOOOO! I was just telling my husband we need to see the Phineas and Ferb show in March. The little one hasn’t seen it and my older one got to be in it several years ago. It’s so much fun! Do you think they will relocate it?

  6. Well with the new always comes some bummer news. So glad we got to meet P&F. Mama Melrose’s was actually one of our best meals in Disney Dec 2014 when we went for the holidays. Would actually be sad to see that dining option go. Every single family member was satisfied with the options and we all thought the food was actually pretty darn good. Often we feel our Disney sit downs are so-so to disappointing for the $$$.

    I hope they redo the Muppet movie attraction. While I love the current flick – the new Muppets show on ABC is hilarious – super fun cerebral humor and references for the adults but relevant for today so that my kids laugh, too. If the movie was redone – it would be another attraction at HS that would appeal to both adults and kids. I have a feeling when this is all done that HS will be a stronger draw for the adults/teens which is great. I like seeing more diversity emerge in the parks. While it is always hard to see an attraction go, I feel the balance has been good overall, when you think of the broad client base.

    • Hopefully they will leave the Muppets alone. I love the classic Muppet show. The new Muppets on ABC is not something I want to watch and my kids are NOT allowed to see it. It’s sad to see something so wholesome become something something that is NOT family friendly. This is NOT what Walt intended. He was all about families and this new Muppets is definitely NOT for the family.

  7. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! My kids just discovered the awesomeness that is P and F. They will be heartbroken!

    That is all!

  8. Sad to see these meets going. P&F were always so fun. I’m glad we made time to meet them and get a photo with Lighting & Mater our last trip. I wish they’d just move them. And my kids will be sad to not go to Pizza Planet for lunch this trip in April, I won’t, but they will. :) Thanks Kenny the Pirate for keeping us up to date!

  9. Granted Lightning & Mater are not interactive, but we always stop for the photo op. It’s like tradition, my sons have grown up with them. My heart is breaking. For my oldest who is now 9, he loved Cars so much he would quote the movie and since the movie seemed to be on repeat my husband and I also quote it. RIP.

  10. So SAD – we love meeting Phineas and Ferb each trip. They are so much fun!!! Wish they would relocate them rather than eliminate them…

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