Home Disney World December 28, 2015 wait times

December 28, 2015 wait times

December 28 2015 Wait times

On December 28, 2015 the Magic Kingdom hit Phase B closing, what did the wait times look like in each park?

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom wait times Dec 28 2015

EpcotEpcot wait times Dec 28 2015

Hollywood StudiosHollywood Studios wait times Dec 28 2015

Magic KingdomMagic Kingdom wait times Dec 28 2015


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      • To clarify the part where it says Meet Darling Disney pals and meet Manifique Disney Friends on that chart who are they?

        Also interesting where is that information obtained from as would like to see for another date.

  1. It’s beautiful at Christmas! The weather is usually cooler except now it is breaking heat record. Yes I’m at WDW now and maybe I am crazy

  2. When waits are that long in the normal line, what would the Fast Pass+ wait be for something like Soarin’ that was at 100 minute wait at 9 AM?

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