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Disney World Christmas parade taping earlier than ever before

Disney World christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

Advance taping for the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade has historically taken place early in December, but the dates for the recording has been moved up significantly for 2015

Disney World christmas parade magic kingdom disney world

ABC Christmas Parade will be called Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration and the filming will occur across the resort from November 10 to 13, 2015.  The parade portions will be filmed in the Magic Kingdom and guests are allowed to participate in the parade stop filming and special musical acts on the Cinderella Castle stage.

I updated my November 2015 Crowd Calendar with a note on each day.



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  1. Actually it’s not a mess. They just move the characters elsewhere like they have in the past years. The schedules still continues.
    The only mess is that daily ops (not attendants) give out false information.

  2. Is the filming an all day occurrence, or for a set amount of morning hours? Is there a reason that 2015 taping is scheduled across 4 days rather than 2 like in the past (or perhaps I am mistaken about the 2 in the past statement)?

  3. Hi , we have an 8:20 ADR for Crystal Palace before park opening on the Thursday of taping. Will our reservation be affected in any way? Also, does the parade taping have any affect on the MVMCP?

  4. How will this affect the character meet and greets in Town Square? Will they move them elsewhere or will they be cancelled all together?

  5. Any tips, since we’ve already planned all our ADR’s & Fastpasses in Magic Kingdom for 2 of the days the parade will be filming? Can’t imagine trying to re-work everything now less than 30 days out.

  6. Do you know if the filming of the Christmas parade interferes with the Festival of Fantasy parade? I’m curious what time they do the parade and performances that are being filmed.

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